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Old outtakes now Untagged - Kristen for 'Zathura' in Alternative Press Magazine (December 2005 issue)

Anciennes photos désormais sans tags - Kristen pour 'Zathura' dans le magazine Alternative Press (numéro de décembre 2005)

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AGE: 15
HQ: Woodland Hills, CA

RESUME: When we were 15, state laws prevented us from earning Employee Of The Month honors at Taco Bell until we were of legal working age. Kristen Stewart, however, trumped us at age 12 by working with Jodie Foster in 2002's Panic Room. This month, following her acclaimed role in the 2004 Showtime film Speak, Stewart can be seen on the big screen starring as Tim Robbins' daughter in Zathura, an adaptation of the indentically named children's book. She's also set to hit theaters again next year with Meg Ryan and Adam Brody in the forthcoming dark comedy In The Land Of Women.

DIFFERENT WORLDS: Whereas Stewart's upcoming role in the John Favreau-directed film finds her family's house being catapulted into space (Stewart can't always pronounce "Zathura," but she loves the film's special effects), it was her starring role in Speak as a young girl struggling with a secret that allowed her an initial taste of critical success this past winter at Sundance Film Festival. It also marked another first in Stewart's life: rubbing shoulders with more famour - and infamous - people. "It was not at all what I expected a lot more pretentiousness and weirdness," she admits. "Though Paris Hilton was there. Which was unfortunate."

WRITE ON: Though she withdrew from the public-school system by 7th grade, Stewart became enamored of a free-form English course she took at home a year later; and, perhaps not all that surprisingly, she's already begun writing her first screenplay. "People have said to me, 'You really should get away from the whole 'edgy' acting thing,'" she says. "[Either way], I'm in this for the storytelling."

NOT HALF RIGHT: "I've been listening to Death Cab [For Cutie] and Elliott Smith," Stewart says of her burgeoning musical tastes. "I'm very recently familiar with [Smith]. It's actually kind of funny. I was sitting on set during In The Land Of Women, and I was talking to Adam Brody about him. I was like, 'I swear - the first movie I make, he's scoring the entire film.' He was like, 'That might not work, since he killed himself.'" She lets out a nervous laugh. "I didn't even know."

ÂGE: 15
LOCALISATION: Woodland Hills, Californie

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