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Old pictures from the after party now in HQ - 'New Moon' Los Angeles World Premiere (November 16th, 2009)

Anciennes photos de l'after party désormais en HQ - Première mondiale de 'New Moon' à Los Angeles (16 novembre 2009)

Nokia Theatre, Los Angeles


Red carpet - Tapis rouge



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Fan pictures
I would also like to say the same of Kristen Stewart who went out of her way to take a picture with me, though hurried when I asked if I could take a picture with her she very firmly said “of course I can.” Ignoring the demand for her attention by others, to give me a moment I will never forget. I must confess that Kristen’s willingness to take a few seconds out of her hectic night to take a picture with me, when so much more was going on, really moved me, and I have the utmost respect for her. She is a very intelligent, down to earth, beautiful, kind person, and in my opinion the “belle of the ball”. Her dress, make-up, hair, and her quiet but sweet personality really made her shine!


Kristen was the last to come out. I was hyperventilating I swear o_O I mean she’s K fucking Stew. So the minute I saw her I almost died. That dress was GORGEOUS! It was funny how everyone who hated her before was yelling “OMG KRISTENN!” when she was infront of them. Fucking fake people -_- anyways so KStew is infront of us and the two girls both lean to the side and I go “Kristen!” and she looks at me and raises her eyebrows like “yesss?” so I said “I came all the way from Florida just to see you! I love you!” and her eyes got big when I said Florida and her mouth kinda dropped open and she put her hand on her chest and said “Oh my god thank you!” and the my hand was kinda resting on the girl’s shoulder infront of me and Stew saw it and she freaking grabbed my hand and squeezed it and gave me a smile. What did I do while this happened? I died. Then I said she looked pretty and she made eye contact again and then kept talking to me and the girls infront of me while she signed. She was so fucking friendly. She stayed infront of us for like 2 minutes which in premiere time is like an hour lol I mean...the entire time I was just like “omfg im having a conversation with one of the most talented badass actresses ever that I totally admire”…it’s a one of a kind feeling. If anyone says shit about her being ‘rude’ or ‘ugly’ then they don’t deserve your time because they know nothing about her. She’s fucking flawless.

So eventually she has to walk away from us..well..pulled. It was sad L Then I met up with Iampancakes and her friend at In N Out…so fucking good. Then we traveled over to the Hammer Museum to stalk the after party. Security/Summit were douchebags though. Apparently Summit bought the fucking sidewalk because security said they said we could stand on it and wait just incase the cast came out. Where could we stand? Across the 4 lane busy street. We were even being rowdy or rude. We were just standing there waiting patiently and these douchebags yelled at us like fucking crazy. My parents even asked them a question nicely and they fucking gave us attitude so my dad told them to go fuck themselves :P

Eventually I just left. It was stupid. I wasn’t going to be treated like shit. I think Summit needs to appreciate the people who pay their bills a little more. It’d be one thing if we were misbehaving but everyone was so chill. So I went back to my hotel…cried because I had one more day in LA. Then woke my dad up at around 1am, he cussed at me, eventually we walked back down to the museum and lucky us most of security was gone J We walked to the front door and there was an autograph hound and a pap. Some bro from TMZ was there to. So I was talking to the autograph hound and the cast all arrived to the after party by going underground. He tried to get KStew when she left but he said she was giving him the evil eye lol I can almost bet that id I had stood outside the opening with my epic Team KStew sign she might have stopped to sign something for me or any other fan. But a 30+ guy with a ton of pics..not so much. He said her window had been opened when they left soo…

Inside - A l'intérieur
Kristen, Dakota Fanning & Joan Jett



After party
Kristen, Robert & Taylor

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