Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Full Kristen & Taylor's Interview with Alicia Malone (Movie Juice)

Interview complète de Kristen & Taylor avec Alicia Malone (Movie Juice)

AliciaMolone (Tumblr) - I was very lucky this morning to be able to interview Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner about “Twilight: Eclipse”. I may not have Bieber Fever but I am definitely a Twi-hard, who is firmly on Team Jacob. Both stars were great to interview - down to earth, relaxed and sweet. The full interview will be shown on “Movie Juice” on Movie Extra (Australia) soon, and I’ll post it here after that. But in the meantime, check out my favourite part of the interview. My cheeky “friend” called “Malicia” just had to ask Taylor one last question…


MovieHole - Alicia here,

This morning I had the absolute pleasure of talking to adorable "Twilight" twosome Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart, who are in town to promote the upcoming "The Twilight Saga : Eclipse". I was absolutely blown away by just how sweet, funny and down-to-earth these two were. They truly and totally surpassed all expectations.

In addition to discussing "Eclipse" and the upcoming "Breaking Dawn" ("I can't wait to see Renesmee!", said Kristen; "We have a very good director behind us who can help with that" added Taylor), I also had the opportunity to quiz Stewart on those "Wanted 2" rumours and get a "Stretch Armstrong" update out of the wonderfully-ribbed Lautner.

Stewart was rumoured to be replacing Angelina Jolie in "Wanted 2" a few weeks back. One almost expected her to laugh off the rumours - but funnily enough, she didn't.

"Right now, I have two projects lined up", Stewart, coyly, responded. "I'm doing On the Road this Summer and then I'm doing Breaking Dawn. So other than that I have nothing 'nailed down'."

Doesn't sound like a denial to me!

Look out for my interview with this "hot" duo shortly!
J'ai été très chanceuse ce matin de pouvoir interviewer Kristen Stewart et Taylor Lautner sur "Eclipse". Je n'ai peut-être pas la Fièvre Bieber mais je suis définitivement une Twi-hard, qui est fermement Team Jacob. Les deux stars étaient géniales à interviewer - terre à terre, détendues et douces. L'interview complète sera dévoilée sur "Movie Juice" sur Movie Extra (Australie) bientôt, et je la posterai ici après. Mais en attendant, regardez ma partie préférée de l'interview.

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