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Transcript of the Q&A from the Australian 'Eclipse' DVD - 'Eclipse' Sydney Fan Event (May 31, 2010)

Retranscription de la session Q&A extraite du DVD australien d'Eclipse - Fan Event à Sydney pour Eclipse (31 mai 2010)

Luna Park, Sydney
(Australia - Australie)



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Fan pictures
@fuckmekstew - My fan encounter with Kristen Stewart.

We met her on the red carpet after 7 hours in the rain and wind, fighting with Taylor fans about how much better Kstew is then him. She came up to us and i asked her to sign my phone, she happily obliged. I then got a photo with her. my hand was shaking so badly on her back, i felt like such an idiot hah.
I reached over and touched her hand, she touched my other hand and leaned in so she could hear me talk. “This is going to sound wierd.. but can you write on my arm please?” She laughed, said sure and wrote “KS X”. I told her she was beautiful. Her reaction? “Aw! Your pretty!” It was at this point i started crying :)

I wasn’t ready for the night to end, so i ran down to the other end of the red carpet, got on my tippie toes and screamed “YOU WERE AMAZING AS JOAN, KRISTEN!” She looked up at me, waved and said “Oh, hey. THANKS!” with an adorable smile.

She was so beautiful, more beautiful then in photos. I was slightly surprised at how skinny and short she was, but apart from that, shes perfect. Yes, she was wearing THAT necklace ;D hah Best moment of my life, Thank you Kristen Stewart.

NovaFM - After the 45 minute Q&A, Kristen and Taylor spent about 20 minutes on the red carpet (more like a rain-soaked black walkway!) signing posters, DVDs and getting their photos taken with fans. One girl even got to hand Kristen a birthday book she’d made for her in April but didn’t get round to mailing: “Kristen took it off me, and she couldn’t believe it, she said thanks! I got 80 people from my twitter group to write a page each, and now, she has it. I can’t believe it!” she told us, as her friend showed us a photo she had taken with Kristen, who was grinning like mad, for once.


Transcript - Retranscription

Richard Wilkins welcomes Kristen and Taylor to the stage to very loud screams from the fans.

Richard yells over the fans, "How are you?"
Kristen puts her hands around her mouth to yell back to him, "Doing pretty good!" and laughs.

Are they enjoying Australia?
KS: "Yeah!"
TL: "We're having a great time."

Asked about what they've been doing since they got here:
TL: "Yeah, We did a little bit yesterday. We had a lot of fun. We got to hold wallabies, koalas, baby dingoes..."
KS: "The dingoes were like ridiculously - you wanted to punch them they were so cute!" *crowd laughs*

Did they ever imagine Twilight would turn out to be as big as it is?
TL: "Never in a million years. We thought we were just doing a normal movie. Just something that we were personally passionate about, and hoped a few other people would enjoy. It's amazing, it's such an honor to be a part of this."

What can we expect from Jacob in this one?
TL: "He's a little frustrating in Eclipse."
*KS laughs*
TL: "He always gets this close and then slams. It's frustrating."
Taylor Lautner's fave part of Eclipse was just being able to bring it to life as it was his fave book of the series.

Richard talks about the Rosalie/Bella envy scene and asks how it was to film that:
KS: "Nikki has really become one of my best friends. It's always weird to be aggressive towards someone. If you have a fight scene or an argument it's sort of funny. When you work with your friends it's impossible to be dishonest. I say that about Rob and Taylor, too. If they catch you in an unrealistic moment it's like, 'Sorry, that just doesn't work, we need to go again', so it was good. We're actors, it's not like I got offended because she said she hated me. *laughs*

Does Taylor prefer action or intimate scenes?
TL: "They're so different. You have a lot of fun with the action scenes, but if I had to choose one I'd choose the more intimate scenes."
The idiot interviewer asks Kristen what her favourite film in Eclipse is. Kristen corrects him by asking if he means what her favourite scene is.
She then says, "There's a few, but the most complicated for me was right after the Jacob/Bella kiss. Jacob takes off to go battle and I have to go talk to Edward, and he's obviously heard what he's (Jacob's) thinking, and thus knows what's happened. Not a whole lot is said, and that dynamic has never been between them. They've always been on this level that was so untouchable, and now suddenly they're like human and she's made a mistake and he's being really forgiving for some reason. And she's like, "Why are you forgiving me so easily?" and he's like, "Because you're human". I don't know. It's about 10 seconds long but I really liked it. *laughs*

The interviewer says the craziness around Twilight is really unique, because we've all read the books and know what happens but still queue up to see the movies.
KS: "I get it because most of the time, you can really love a movie, you're given all of the images and you don't get to do it yourself. It's all shoved in your face. And if you get so obsessed with a story, to see it then in real life is like, I don't know, it's just really exciting.

What's Kristen's favourite book from the series?
KS: "New Moon. They are the lowest and highest points for them in that book. I feel like when they get back together it totally makes up for how miserable the read was *laughs*. Like, how vicariously awful it was to experience that, but at the end it's like 'Ahh, it's all ok. It's totally ok'. So I just feel like the most heightened emotions are in the second one."

Is there more pressure with each movie?
TL: "You feel it in the passion level from the fans. I can definitely say we felt a lot more pressure - or I felt a lot more pressure (Kristen stage whispers that she did too, TL laughs) filming New Moon rather than Twilight, and then even more in Eclipse. It definitely is building and that's a good thing."

Talking about the AngryWard scene. How much fun was that?
TL: "It was fun. *laughs* It's so weird because it's so tense and I'm yelling at Rob and he's yelling at me, and he's the nicest guy and we're friends off set, so it's so awkward. You do that and then the second they call cut we just start laughing. So they're fun."

Do they take the Team Edward/Team Jacob rivalry off screen? Do they get t-shirts made up for the crew etc?
TL: "Sadly no, not really. *laughs* But that sounds good."

Does Kristen prefer action or intimate scenes?
KS: "I don't get to do any action in this movie. Especially in this one. So I was always really jealous that everyone was going off to fight training, and complaining that they were so sore, and I was like 'Yeah, cool... I'll just read the book...' So, to be honest I don't really have a comparison. But I love doing action stuff, but I like doing real intimate things too. It doesn't matter. What's cool about doing action stuff is to try to make it not just 'Oh we're doing an action day, or a CG day'. Nah, it's the same deal, you still have to stay in it and take it seriously."

They show the "I know the consequences" bed scene, and ask Kristen how she feels looking at that scene herself.
KS: "I'm SO not by myself... I'm with 400 people! *laughs* It's always sort of funny. I like watching the movies, a lot of actors say that they don't watch their own stuff, especially if they're like me and crazy and neurotic and insecure. But it's weird. I'm sorry that I don't have an answer right now, I'm being weird, but it's just weird to see stuff like that. Because I remember that, I remember every *clicks three times*. And it's weird to see what takes they chose. Because with editing, they time it out. Sometimes if they keep it in a long shot it's like, 'Oh cool', so the pacing is being controlled (by the actors). (There's lots of stuttering and stopping and starting sentences here) I've only seen the movie once, it was a rough cut, I have to see it again... it's tough... whatever. *laughs*"

What's it like shooting intimate scenes like that when surrounded by sound guys etc?
KS: "We're really very used to it, and we've also been very lucky that a lot of the same people worked on the 2nd and 3rd movie, so we're really comfortable with them and they all seem to really like the movie, which is not always the case with crews. Sometimes (if they care) you can look at them as your audience. They say cut and you look around and if people are feeling it... you get a sense of how people are feeling in the room and while you're rolling you do forget (about the crew) That's our job; to forget. I think it's because of how cool everybody is, it's easy to forget."

Does the crew ever give a round of applause after a really powerful scene?
KS: "No." *laughs*

Someone submitted a Q for Taylor and asked if he'd marry them:
TL: "I'm an old fashioned guy, so I think we should get to know each other a little bit more, and we'll take it from there" *laughs*
KS: *nods* "That was an invitation!
TL: "What??"
KS: "No, I'm kidding" *laughs*
TL: "I'm open to anything!" *crowd screams and KS and TL laugh*

Is Kristen Team Edward or Team Jacob? (*Lots of crowd screams*)
KS: "I have to play this girl, so every decision... unless I completely backed it I just wouldn't... I'm not a great liar, so I wouldn't be able to..." *she grabs Taylor's arm and says* "I completely understand and I feel really bad," *starts shaking him* "I feel really, really, really, really, really bad, but like, I'm sorry!" *shrugs and laughs*
*TL laughs and puts his head on the arm of the couch, defeated*
The crowd screams for Jacob and KS says, "I know, he's definitely the better choice but..." *shakes head*

If Kristen could play one other Twilight character who would it be?
KS: "I've always really been into Alice *nods vigorously* I would love that. She's a nutcase. Her backstory is really cool and I love what Ashley does with all the visions and stuff but that would be really fun to explore."

Kris & Taylor head out to the fans. Kris is wearing the short yellow skirt & tries to walk up the stairs without flashing her underwear (and fails if you remember the pictures lol)

Do you ever get used to the screaming fans?
KS: "No."
TL: "No, definitely not, definitely not."

Taylor thanks the fans for giving them the opportunity to do this kind of thing and Kristen claps for the fans.

Is this the last time they'll be in Australia?
KS: "Oh, definitely not, definitely not."

As she has said previously, would she like to go to Sydney University one day?
KS: "I grew up saying that and then I got obsessed with making movies, so maybe not at Sydney U, but I definitely would like to come back."

Kristen and Taylor then go and sign for the fans and that's it!

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