Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kristen & Taylor's Interview with MTV Australia

Interview de Kristen & Taylor avec MTV Australie

MTV - Twi-hard fans across Australia have been going wild for Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner since they landed Down Under this week. Us included!

A massive 4000 followers turned up for a Q+A with the mega stars at Sydney’s Luna Park last night, braving the heavy wind and rain just to get a glimpse of their idols.

Screams spread across the harbour as the pair answered rounds of questions from die-hard ‘Twilight’ supporters, including one marriage proposal!

Here in Oz to promote their new movie ‘Eclipse’, MTV caught up with the famous twosome to talk rivalries, kissing and six packs!

MTV: Tell us what fans can expect from the third 'Twilight' movie ‘Eclipse?’

Taylor: If you’re a fan of the book, then you’re going to love the movie. We had a lot of fun making it and for me I’d have to say Eclipse was my favourite book and I’d say the movie turned out really well.

Kristen: It definitely steps it up in terms of action. There’s more of it going on, less within the dynamics of the characters and more about the introduction of newborns and the Volturi comeback. There’s more danger, there’s much more at risk.

MTV: Twilight is so huge, what’s it like being involved with such a phenomenon?

K: For me it’s been so different from anything I thought I’d ever be a part of. I’ve always said that I never wanted to do a TV series because it's too long, it’s too much of a commitment, it’s too structured. But it’s actually the coolest thing to be able to follow a character for so long. Because at the end of most movies I feel like I’m ripped away from a project but in this case it’s so indulgent, it’s like I get months to work on just one character and then I get to do it again next year, its really cool.

MTV: How close are you really as a cast?

T: We've spent a lot of time together so we've all grown very close and we're all really good friends. I mean it would be a nightmare doing this series if we didn’t like each other, it would be bad, so thankfully we all get along and have a lot of fun.

MTV: What do you think you’d be doing if you weren’t in ‘Twilight’?

K: I have no idea.

T: I don't know, and I don’t really want to think about it! I’m just thankful it happened in the first place.

MTV: We hear you’ve seen some tourist attractions including Featherdale Wildlife Park since you’ve been in Oz. How was that?

T: It was really good.

K: Yeah it was incredible! You can't believe like a wallaby hops in and you can pick them up and put them in your pouch, it just doesn’t seem real.

T: Number one hit for me was definitely the baby dingos, they were adorable.

MTV: If you came across the 'Harry Potter' cast would there be any rivalry between you?

T: (Laughs) I don’t think so, I’m a fan of those movies.

K: I am too. The books came out when I was pretty young so I’ve read them.

T: I haven’t met them though.

K: Neither have I. But Rob is one of them, kind of, and he really likes them, he speaks highly of them.

MTV: If you could be a werewolf or a vampire in real life, which would you be?

T: If I had to choose to be a vampire or a werewolf in real life, which is an unfortunate situation, I’d probably have to stick with being a werewolf.

K: I’d be a werewolf too. There’s just so many less problems.

MTV: So you don’t want to live forever?

K: Nope, definitely not!

MTV: You’re up for ‘Best Kiss’ and ‘Global Superstar’ at the MTV Movie Awards. Do you think you’ll win?

K: Well I think me and Dakota are going to take it for Best Kiss for sure.

T: Yesss!

K: That would be so funny and awesome.

T: That would be hilarious. I don’t think that’s ever happened before. Girl on girl or guy on guy winning it at the MTV Movie Awards.

K: No I don’t think so either so that would be cool.

T: We'll see. It’s an honour to be nominated.

MTV: The ‘Eclipse’ soundtrack is pretty epic, but what is your personal favourite song from a movie?

T: I’d have to say that Amy Adams song in Enchanted.

K: (Laughs) I love you so much. Will you marry me? Seriously.

MTV: The series finale of ‘Jersey Shore’ has just aired on MTV Australia. Are you a fan of the show?

K: I haven’t seen it, but I know people make fun of people with it, like ‘you’re like him from Jersey Shore,’ apparently it’s bad.

MTV: One of the characters The Situation is famous for his abs. Taylor do you reckon yours are better than his?

T: (Laughs) Probably not, but I guess I’d have to see them.

K: Ohh they’re better!