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New Kristen's Interview with 1Live ('Eclipse' Berlin promo)

Nouvelle interview de Kristen avec le magazine 1Live (promo d'Eclipse à Berlin)

She is currently one of the hottest teen idols of the world. Wherever she is, her fans are screaming themselves powerless. Kristen Stewart has just turned 20 years old and an international superstar since people could see her for the first time as Bella Swan in the movie "Twilight".

The second part of the Saga, "New Moon", was an even greater success and now "Eclipse", the third installment. On her promotional tour in Europe 1LIVE reporter Tom Westerholt met Kristen Stewart in Berlin to talk to her about the new movie and the "Twilight-hype" and its exciting jet-set life. A good-humored, petite young woman in jeans, white shirt and sneakers greets me in her hotel room with open, slightly disheveled hair and a pleasant little makeup on her face.

1LIVE: Kristen, since you played in the "Twilight" movies, you belong to one of the superstars. But you are acting for years, for example 2002 "Panic Room", as a small daughter of Jodie Foster. Since she was the only superstar in the movie, how was it like?

Kristen Stewart: Yeah, I was very lucky that my first experience with be an actress...are associated with her. She treated everybody as we should treat people on set. Not everybody is doing that. She only makes what she loves and is fully behind it. She is an absolute role model, I've already said it back then: I want to do it the same way.

1LIVE: You were twelve years old, who were your heroes, who did you idolize as millions idolize you today?

Kristen Stewart: To be honest I have never idolized someone, I've never been like that. I have three brothers. We did a lot of sports and stuff, been hanging out with the guys. And I have played drums when I was I never had any idols. I do cry at concerts if it's great, I once cried horribly at a Van Morrison concert. That was kind of an obsession.

1LIVE: The fans are obsessed with you, no matter where you show up, which is especially the case for Robert (Pattinson, plays her film-lover, the vampire Edward Cullen). How do you back out when it gets too severe? Kristen Stewart: It is never "too" severe. No, not really. More in specific moments when I stand on stage in front of that incredible crowd and that energy knocks me down. Then it got me and I can not hide it. It seems like I want to get away real quick but its not like that at all. I was just overwhelmed by the situation, but actually I had fun.

1LIVE: Like at the MTV Movie Awards? Robert and you needed to constantly return to the stage, you guys won like all available prices the other day.

Kristen Stewart: You feel kinda weird. I mean, this is a fan award and all the fans have clicked so that we win all the prizes. But its the books that they really love. It is of course nice to see that they like our interpretation in the movie, but I still think that this has nothing to do with me. It is the character Bella, so I don't see myself as role model or something.

1LIVE: Apropos: What is with those who do not like your films? There are almost as passionate anti-fans as fans, what do you think why is that?

Kristen Stewart: On the one hand as I have said, the fact that they dont like our interpretation. These are the fans of the books that have their own pictures in their head. Even we actors, the directors on set have that. We are and werent always agreeing on everything. You just cant. And then there are of course people who are against everything which a mass of people like a lot.

1LIVE: An example?

Kristen Stewart: Lets take the Jimmy Kimmel show where we were recently invited to. There have been many crazy fans and Jimmy started to make fun of Justin Bieber, who has also just so many crazy fans as we do. So just like that Jimmy asked, whether Justin Bieber should be in the next "Twilight" movie and the people freaked out and screamed "No!" Because of that you could realize the different fans. People can get really frightening and aggressive.

1LIVE: Who keeps you on the ground when the fan madness is raging around you?

Kristen Stewart: Well, my family. I have a great family and my parents are in the industry and therefore know all the dangers and traps that you can tap into. I'm lucky. Before I loose the ground, as you say, they would grab me quite quickly. But it is not only their experience, they are just great people. And if you love what you do, then you better not start going crazy. Because if you do, in the end you might loose everything.

1LIVE: That sounds pretty considerate and role model function...

Kristen Stewart: Oh you know ... the truth is the fans are not really looking up to me, they are looking up to Bella. And that's good, because Bella is definitely someone you can look up to, I'm someone else. When its really about me, I say: "Fine, your decision." I'm just young and I want to make movies. I have absolutely no desire to use my status as a celebrity for anything. I want to make movies and that means that I have to deal with the fame.

1LIVE: It must be not that easy to meet guys right? I mean, could your three brothers help you dealing with guys anyway?

Kristen Stewart: Well, a relationship with your brother is something different than someone for whom you are interested in. When you come into that age, the relationship with your brothers changes in a different way, its quite interesting. When we were little, I felt somehow all four of us as equal. And then later, when I came into the specific age, I had to make clear announcements. According to the motto: You can no longer treat me like that because I'm a girl!

1LIVE: Well you definitely have come to that age and you have experienced at lot of things in front of the camera: Including kissing in front of the cameras.

Kristen Stewart: What's next?

1LIVE: You have - at least for the shooting - make out a several times with Robert Pattinson and in your new film "The Runaways" you made out with your co-star, Dakota Fanning. Who is the better kisser?

Kristen Stewart (grinning wide and hesitated with the answer, author's note): Yeahhhh... Who is the beter kisser? Dakota, of course! (Laughs). No, of course, Robert. No, but Dakota. Uhhmm, I can not decide ...

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