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'Welcome to the Rileys' New York Press Conference (October 18, 2010)

Conférence de presse de 'Welcome to the Rileys' à New York (18 octobre 2010)

| AUDIO (30 minutes) |
Kristen, Jake Scott, James James Gandolfini & Melissa Leo


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Transcript | Retranscription

Q: James, how did you figure out the back-story of your Southern accent for Indianapolis (where his character, Doug Riley, lives with his wife Lois, played by Leo)?

James Gandolfini (JG): It’s a mystery to me too!

Q: Was your character going through a mid-life crisis?

JG: I think he’s questioning things. I know I’ve reached an age where I question, how did I get here? For me, it’s mostly good. For him, it’s not what I expected, it’s not what the man expected. So I think he has to go back in his mind, and go somewhere and figure out what to do now. I think a lot of people do that. I think he takes the opportunity just to figure things out. Sometimes, you make choices, and you look back and wonder.
Melissa Leo (ML): When I, as his wife, heard him talking to me, I thought he made the move to Indiana and make an Indianan out of himself.
JG: Southern Indiana has a specific accent.
ML: It’s a really peculiar accent.
JG: It is.

Q: James, do you think there’s a part of Doug that blames Lois for the death of their daughter?

JG: Yeah, sure!

Q: For anyone in the cast, what surprised you most about making the film, and working with a Brit (Jake Scott)?

JG: How kind and smart and special the actors were, and how different he was from his uncle (director Tony) and his father (director Ridley). How smart she (Kristen) was. I don’t mean that in a bad way, I mean for a young girl. For a young woman, how together and how smart and how she’s doing this for the right reasons. How well we got along, and how wonderful it was, and how we got along. I don’t necessarily think acting is fun, but I had a really good experience on this.
ML: When I read the script, when you turn each page, and you think he’s going to sleep with that girl. But he never does!
JG: I was hoping that too!

Q: What surprised you, Kristen? Where those bruises real?

Kristen Stewart (KS): Yeah, I found that I got the bruises initially in rehearsal. I learned pole dancing, but you never really see that in the movie. It’s just for a second, and it’s in silhouette. It really hurts, and you don’t realize that of course it’s going to show. There were so many, but I wasn’t sure if you keep all of them. I think what surprised me the most was the fact that I was so unaware. I was walking down the street with my robe open and wearing fishnets, and not caring at all. I wasn’t scared. I had known about this for a while before it got up and running, and I’m glad that it took awhile to do so. I felt that I was old enough to do the part. If I wasn’t ready, I would have shied away from it too much. So it was shocking to find myself in situations like that and being completely fine with them.

Q: How old were you when you actually filmed it?

KS: Eighteen.

Q: This question is for Jake. You have music videos and documentaries previously. How is the transition to making a feature?

Jake Scott (JS): I’m used to music videos and TV commercials. I mean, it’s a very different process. They’re a shorter forum. Features are narratives, and videos and commercials are narratives of sorts. We show off a lot in music videos. Actors have a reputation. I think rock-n-roll bands, they’re more difficult. I’ve worked with the Rolling Stones, that’s difficult. These guys, they’re a dream. Jim and I, it was kind of rough in the beginning in rehearsals. He really does his homework, this guy. He said something to me in the rehearsal period, and I really listened to him. I’m glad I listened to it. I learned I should trust not only him, but all three and all the cast and know they’re there to do the work. I did that. I learned a lot doing that, and it changed me as a director. It actually made me realize I’m not as good of a director as I thought I was. I actually learned about directing working with these three. There were things I never knew before. I trusted Jim and Kristen and Melissa.
ML: And these two will concur with me that you’re a very good director.

Q: Kristen, you play a stripper. Can you talk about your preparation for that role?

KS: I went to my first strip club with this guy (points to Jake). Upon entering, the guy said “You have to come back later if you want a job.”
JS: This was in L.A. This was a nude strip club.
KS: He must have thought Jake was my pimp. It started there. You just literally think “I’m the luckiest kid from the valley.” It gave me the impression that the script was whole and real. But what do I know? He was really on me about that. He said “You’ve got to do some work before you’re able to do this.” He gave me a couple books that really helped me, like ‘Raised by Wolves’ was the one that really got me. There were some really candid stories. There was this guy who gave himself to a bunch of runaway kids in Hollywood. They really just let it all out. And you know, just pole-dancing, and stuff like that. But basically, we didn’t have that much time. It was really comfortable. It validated me, it made me feel like I had done enough for the part. But at the same time, everything was in the script. Luckily, when we started shooting, I felt as though I didn’t have to add a thing. It gave it justice. I didn’t have to add anything, it was already there.

Q: What was it like filming in New Orleans?

ML: After I worked with Jake and Jimmy and Kristen, I found myself back in New Orleans for an HBO show. Lois was never there before, and she didn’t particularly like being there. So they housed me in the Windsor Court, which has a gated drive, and this wall behind the gate. You never actually have to be in public. So they had a lovely young man that they hired to drive me, and he would come in and pick me up. He would take me to the grocery store. But half the time I isolated myself. I didn’t get to know New Orleans at all. That aided for my performance.
JS: I actually did what Jim suggested, I let the city kind of guide my decisions. I realized pretty early on that we could be geographically local. I find it exciting that it was a real city for these characters. The house was really near the restaurant where Lois and Mallory go for Po’Boys, and the strip club where Kristen works. New Orleanians are really hospital people to work with, and the crew was absolutely fantastic. It was probably one of the best crews I’ve ever worked with. The city speaks, so in the soundtrack, you hear the sounds of the ships and the freight trains, and it interrupts everything. The sound guys were getting frustrated, but these guys worked with it. There’s one scene in particular, when Doug first arrives, and they’re lying down in bed, you hear the train. Jims goes, “I like that sound,” and it just works. They just worked with that, and I let that be a character in the film.

Q: Jake has said you didn’t have a lot of rehearsals. James and Melissa, how did you establish you were a married couple?

JG: I like her. We just did it, she’s very professional. She’s very good looking, which helps! You’re from New York, right?
ML: Yes.
JG: Stuff like that helps. I enjoyed it, I think that stuff like that shows. New Orleans is an incredible city also, for its lack of rules and lack of regulation. That’s why you (Kristen) were able to walk down the streets like a stripper. The feel of the city helped.
ML: I loved working with Jimmy. I still have the wedding and engagement rings Lois wore. I wear them quite a bit. That likeability Jim has, it’s an amazing thing when you hit it off with a really terrific actor. You can really pretend. It was so easily done, it’s hard to find words for it.

Q: You all have a camaraderie. With a cast so small, working in a city so intimate, with just the three of you, what sort of family developed?

JG: Small films can do that. You’re working, and not out hanging out every day for 15 hours. There’s definitely a sense of family, working together.
ML: We were working but I know I’ll always have a mother’s love for Kristen, and a wife’s love for Jimmy. I’ll carry that for the rest of my days.

Q: Kristen, how was it being the youngest in the cast, and did you ever want Mallory to just give up and let them adopt her?

KS: You watch the movie, and that’s sort of what you want. When I was working, that was a far, far option from what would ever work. She hates herself, but they like her, so maybe their opinions change her.

Q: Kristen, do you have a process of coming out of a role? Especially going from playing Bella in ‘Twilight’ to playing Mallory back to shooting ‘New Moon.’

KS: No. The few movies I have done between the ‘Twilight’ movies have coincidentally been very different. I don’t want to totally shock everyone, but when something speaks to you, you have to do it. Also, I’m really lucky to have my cast in the series. As soon as we get back to set together, it just sort of happens. You always think it’s going to be hard to get back there, but it’s not. We’ve all wanted to tell the story for so long.

Q: Kristen, do you think Mallory would ever change?

KS: Mallory doesn’t think about what happens next. I hope she would continue to dance, but stop working. But I think she would keep doing it, that’s what she knows.

Q: Kristen, you give 100 percent of yourself into your roles. Do you carry Mallory with you?

KS: I think you have that with everything. It’s not just parts you play, it’s experiences, everything you do makes you who you are. Some of the most monumentus moments in my life has been in films. This one, more than normal. I think it had an effect on me.

Q: James, you played Tony Soprano for quite some time. How was it like going from that kind of father to this one? Did he influence Doug at all?

JG: No, he’s done. That went away pretty quickly for me.

Q: Kristen, your character in many ways was a mystery. What did you imagine her back-story was?

KS: Jake had a few ideas. They weren’t so defined, to be honest. It was just enough. There were a few things that he told me when we started the movie. One was that a lot of these girls’ stories are typical. A few things add up to being able to do that as a job. I sort of inserted a few little bits. I know where she’s from, I know that she’s not lying when she tells Doug where she’s from. But to really go into it would be really weird.

Q: Kristen, how does putting on the wardrobe help you get into character?

KS: It always helps. I don’t think a lot when I hear stripper. A lot of people have ideas on how they must be, but I really didn’t have any. I’d always imagined they’d be sexy, because that’s sort of their job. You would never want to take off the trench coat, but living in New Orleans, it’s hot. Everything helps, the makeup.

Q: James, what’s a dream role that you would want?

JG: Curly from ‘The Three Stogies.’

Q: What did you miss about your respective hometowns while filming in New Orleans?

JS: I missed my kids and my wife. Obviously you miss your family. I live in L.A. When you go on a long project like that, these guys are more experienced than I am, you are with a family though. I try to make my life there as much as my home life as possible. I rented a house there with the cameraman. I love to cook, and I had to cook. If you ate in the restaurants in New Orleans every day, you would come back looking very different. You miss some of the routines, actually.
KS: I tend to really offend people when I go, especially on this one. It was the first time I was really alone on a movie. I love stomping around the city, like it was mine, kind of like Mallory. I didn’t really miss much, I was having fun.
JG: I missed my wife and New York food. I had heartburn in New Orleans!
ML: I love working, and this movie was very happy times. My son’s now 23, and there’s no husband to worry about. So I very happily relocate wherever a film brings me.


Different transcript:

Kristen, how does it feel to be wrapping up “Twilight”?

I can’t wait to get the story out. That’s one thing that obviously never goes away. I’ve always looked at this thing as one story. It’s like one movie broken up.

Do people still confuse you with Tony Soprano?

KS: People ask me that all the time. “So how was it working with Tony Soprano?” Like in interviews. “Was it intimidating? Was it scary?”

Kristen, those bruises were makeup, right?

Kristen Stewart: Yeah, they were. I got the bruises initially in rehearsal. I learned how to pole dance, you never really see it in the movie – you do for a second, it’s like in silhouette in the background - but it really hurts and you don’t realize that, of course, it’s going to show. There were so many that I wasn’t sure do you keep all of them or is that too much? I think what surprised me most was the fact that I was so unaware of the fact that I was walking down the street with my robe open and wearing fishnets and not caring at all. I had no inhibitions. I wasn’t scared and I’d known about this for a while before it got up and running and I’m really glad that it took a while to do so because I think that I was old enough to play the part as opposed to not ready. I think I would have shied away from too much. So it was shocking to find myself in situations like that and being completely fine with them.

Kristen, how’d you prepare for the role?

Stewart: I went to my first strip club with this [Jake] and upon entering the guy was like, “You’ll have to come back later if you want a job.” [Laughs] They must have thought that [Jake] was my pimp. [Jake] was also really on me about that as well, you’ve got to do some work before you’re going to be able to do this. He gave me a couple books that really helped. Raised by Wolves was the one that really got me like where you have really candid stories. This guy endeared himself to this group of runaway kids in Hollywood and they really just let it all out. Then just pole dancing and stuff like that, but basically we didn’t have that much time and it was really comforting to know that it validated me, it made me feel like I’ve done enough to do the part, but at the same time everything was in the script so once we started shooting luckily feel like I didn’t have to add a thing. It was just doing it justice. It wasn’t like I had to add real elements; it was already there.

You all have very different ways of preparing for roles and didn’t do a lot of rehearsal, so how did you establish that you were a married couple? Gandolfini: I like her. We just did it very professional and also she’s pretty good looking, which helps. It’s in the work. Where are you from? You’re from New York State, right?

Leo: New York City.
Gandolfini: Honestly that stuff helps; it just gives you a shorthand. I enjoyed it. I just want to say something about the places [Jake] picked in New Orleans. It’s an incredible city for its lack of rules, it’s lack of regulation and lack of everything being on top of you and I think that’s why [Kristen] can walk down the street dressed as [she was] and it seemed easy. I remember the strip club that you picked and you’re walking up the steps of the strip club and there’s a circular step and there was hairs hanging off the bottom of the stairs.
Stewart: Like a lot.
Gandolfini: Like people’s hairs have fallen off and they stepped on it and you could see it these steps hadn’t been cleaned for hundreds of years and just the whole feel of it really really helped. He didn’t pick places and dirty them up; we just went to the places so that helped a lot.
Leo: I just want to say also in response about working with Jimmy, I still have the engagement ring that Lois wore. I wear it quite a bit. That likability and just sort of hitting it off, it’s an amazing thing when you work with a really terrific actor and you can just together pretend and I think the willingness on both of our parts and the warmth that I felt from Jim right from the beginning in meeting him, it was so easily done and it’s hard to find words for it.

Kristen, do you have a process for coming out of a role, especially going from playing Bella in Twilight to Mallory and back to shooting New Moon?

Stewart: No, the few things I’ve done in between the Twilight movies have just coincidently been very different, but I haven’t been like I’m going to shock everybody right now and just do this because it’s totally different. It’s always been totally informed. Something speaks to you and you need to do it and that’s what it is. Also, I’m really lucky to have my cast on the series. You always think that it’s going to be hard to get back there, but it’s not because we’ve all wanted to tell the story for so long an it’s finally going to come to fruition and it always just sort of falls out luckily.

Kristen, how hard was it to really let go of Mallory? Do you still have her in you in a way?

Stewart: You probably have that with everything. It’s not just parts you play, it’s sort of every experience you have in life shapes you and makes you who you are and when some of the biggest most monumental experiences have been working on films and playing parts, and this one more so than, I don’t want to compare them, but really more than normal, I think it’s had an effect on me.

Kristen, your character is in many ways a mystery. What did you imagine was her back-story and why she’s such an angry person?

Stewart: Obviously this was something that was really important to us and Jake had a few ideas about what those details were and they weren’t so defined to be honest, but it was just enough. It’s weird to talk about. One of the first things that he told me when we met on the movie was that some of the stories, and I don’t know if this will sound bad, but a lot of these girls’ stories are really typical. A few things add up to being able to do something like that as a job and we sort of inserted those little bits, a few little details. I know where she’s from, I know that she’s not lying when she says to Doug where she’s from and I know that would never come across in the movie, but little things like that. But to go into it would be really weird.

How much does your character’s wardrobe effect how you portray her?

Stewart: It helps. I guess it seems like the most obvious thing; if I was wearing …
Gandolfini: If you were naked.
Stewart: [Laughs] Anyway, I think what was cool about the costume was that you think stripper – I don’t really think a whole lot when I think stripper, to be honest. A lot of people have certain ideas about how they must be and I really didn’t have any, but I always sort of imagined that they’d be kind of sexy at least or something because that’s sort of their job. On the contrary, you’re exposed so often that you’re entrenched the entire time. Literally, imagine never wanting to take off a trench coat, but living in New Orleans and it’s hot and so that was interesting. And also the stuff was really dirty and everything helps like makeup, sets obviously, anything to make you feel more like you’re there.

Can you talk a little about filming in New Orleans and what you missed the most about your respective hometowns?

Stewart: I’m not being deadly serious about this, but I tend to really offend people that are in my life when I go and especially on this one because it was the first time I’d ever been alone on a movie and I loved stomping around the city like it was mine and that’s totally what Mallory was supposed to do, so I didn’t really miss too much. I was having a great time.
Gandolfini: I missed my son and my wife as we say and New York food because I had heartburn for six weeks. It’s great food, but, man, you know?
Leo: I loved working on this movie. It was very happy times. My son is now 23 and there’s no husband to worry about at home so I very happily go and relocate myself wherever the work brings me and hunker down for the duration of being there and tend to not miss home although I love getting back up to the Catskills when I get there.
Q: James, comment as-tu trouvé l'arrière histoire de ton accent du Sud pour Indianapolis (où son personnage, vit avec sa femme Loïs, jouée par Léo)?

JG: C'est un mystère pour moi aussi!

Q: Est-ce ton personnage qui traverse une crise d'âge mur?

JG: Je pense qu'il se pose des questions. Je sais que j'ai atteint un âge ou je me demande, comment suis-je arrivé ici? Pour moi, c'est surtout bon. Pour lui, ce n'est pas ce que j'attendais, ce n'est pas ce que l'homme attendait. Donc je pense qu'il doit retourner dans son esprit, et aller quelque part et comprendre quoi faire maintenant. Je pense que beaucoup de gens font ça. Je pense qu'il profite simplement de l'occasion pour comprendre les choses. Parfois, tu fais des choix, et tu regarde en arrière et tu te demande.
ML: Quand je, en tant que sa femme, entendu me parler, je pensais qu'il faisait le déménagement d'Indiana et qu'il se faisait son propre Indianan.
JG: Le Sud de l'Indiana a un accent spécifique.
ML: C'est un accent très particulier.
JG: Il l'est.

Q: James, penses-tu qu'il y a une partie de Doug qui accuse Loïs de la mort de leur fille?

JG: Oui, bien sur!

Q: Pour tous ceux du cast, qu'est ce qui vous surprend le plus sur la réalisation du film, et de travailler avec un Britannique (Jake Scott)?

JG: Comment gentils et intelligents et spéciaux les acteurs ont été et comment différent il était de son oncle (le réalisateur Tony) et de son père (le réalisateur Ridley). Comment intelligente elle (Kristen) était. Je ne veux pas dire ça d'une mauvaise manière, je veux dire pour une jeune fille. Pour une jeune femme, comment ensemble et comment intelligente et comment elle fait cela pour les bonnes raisons. Comment nous nous entendions bien, et comment merveilleux c'était, et comment nous nous entendions. Je ne pense pas nécessairement que tourner est amusant, mais j'ai eu une très bonne expérience dans celui-ci.
ML: Quand j'ai lu le script, quand on tourne chaque page, et on pense qu'il va coucher avec cette fille. Mais il ne le fait jamais!
JG: J'espérais tellement ça!

Q: Qu'est ce qui t'as surprise Kristen? Quand ces contusions étaient réelles?

KS: Ouais, j'ai constaté que j'ai eu les contusions d'abord en répétition. J'ai appris le pole dance, mais on ne verra jamais vraiment ça dans le film. C'est juste pour une seconde, et c'est en silhouette. Ca fait vraiment mal, et tu ne te rends pas compte que bien sur ça va se voir. Il y en avait tellement, mais je n'étais pas sure si on allait toutes les garder. Je pense que ce qui m'a le plus surprise était le fait que j'étais donc au courant. Je marchais dans la rue avec ma robe ouverte et portant des bas résilles, et je ne m'en souciais pas du tout. Je n'avais pas peur. J'avais été au courant quelque temps avant que ça ne se mette en place, et je suis heureuse qu'il ait fallu un certain temps pour le faire. Je sentais que j'étais assez âgée pour faire la partie. Si je n'étais pas prête, j'aurais trop hésité. Donc, c'est choquant de me retrouver dans des situations comme ça et être tout à fait bien avec ça.

Q: Quel âge avais-tu quand tu as réellement tourné ça?

KS: 18

Q: Cette question est pour Jake. Tu as fait des clips musicaux et des documentaires précédemment. Comment est la transition de faire un long métrage?

JS: Je suis habitué aux clips musicaux et aux publicités télévisées. Je veux dire, c'est un processus radicalement différent. Ils sont un forum plus court. Les long métrages sont des récits, et les clips et les publicités sont des récits de toutes sortes. On met en évidence un grand nombre de clips musicaux. Les acteurs ont une réputation. Je pense que les groupes de rock'n'roll, ils sont plus difficiles. J'ai travaillé avec les Rolling Stones, c'est difficile. Ces gars, ils sont un rêve. Jim et moi, c'était genre brut au début des répétitions. Il fait vraiment son devoir, ce gars. Il m'a dit quelque chose dans la période de répétition, et j'ai vraiment écouté. Je suis content de l'avoir écouté. J'ai appris que je devais non seulement lui faire confiance, mais à tous les 3 et à tout le cast et je sais qu'ils sont là pour faire le boulot. Je l'ai fait. J'ai beaucoup appris à faire ça, et ça m'a changé en tant que réalisateur. Ca m'a permis de réaliser que je n'étais pas un aussi bon réalisateur que je pensais être. En fait, j'ai appris sur la direction en travaillant avec ces trois là. Il y avait des choses que je ne savais pas auparavant. J'ai fait confiance à Jim et Kristen et Mélissa.
ML: Et ces deux là sont d'accord avec moi que tu es un très bon réalisateur.

Q: Kristen, tu joue une strip-teaseuse. Peux-tu parler de ta préparation pour ce rôle?

KS: Je suis allée dans mon premier strip club avec ce mec (elle montre Jake). Dès l'entrée, le mec a dit "Vous devez revenir plus tard si vous voulez un job."
JS: C'était à LA. C'était un strip club nu.
KS: Il a dû penser que Jake était mon mac. Ça a commencé là. Tu dois littéralement penser "Je suis la plus chanceuse des enfants de la Valley." Ça m'a donné l'impression que le script était entier et réel. Mais qu'est ce que je sais? Il était vraiment sur moi à ce sujet. Il a dit "Tu dois faire travailler avant que tu ne sois capable de faire ça." Il m'a donné des livres qui m'ont vraiment aidée, comme "Raised by Wolves" était le premier qui m'a vraiment aidée. Il y avait des histoires vraiment sincères. Il y avait ce mec qui s'est donné à un groupe de jeunes fugueurs à Hollywood. Ils ont vraiment laissés tout ça. Et tu sais, juste le pole dance et d'es trucs comme ça. Mais nous n'avons pas eu beaucoup de temps. C'était vraiment confortable. Ça m'a validé, ça m'a fait me sentir comme si j'en avais fait assez pour cette partie. Mais au même moment, tout était dans le script. Heureusement, quand on a commencé à tourner, je me sentais comme si je n'avais pas besoin d'ajouter quelque chose. Ça lui a rendu justice. Je n'avais pas à rajouter quoi que ce soit, c'était déjà là.

Q: Comment c'était de tourner en Nouvelle-Orléans?

ML: Après que j'ai travaillé avec Jake, Jimmy et Kristen, je me suis retrouvée en Nouvelle-Orléans pour un show d'HBO. Lois n'était jamais là avant, et elle n'aime pas particulièrement être là. Alors ils m'ont logé dans la Cour Windsor, qui a a trajet fermé, et ce mur derrière la porte. Tu n'as jamais vraiment besoin d'être dans le public. Donc ils avaient homme adorable et jeune qu'ils avaient embauchés pour me conduire, et venir me chercher. Il m'emmenait à l'épicerie. Mais la moitié du temps je me suis isolée. Je n'ai pas eu à connaitre le Nouvelle-Orléans du tout. Il m'ont aidé pour ma performance.
JS: En fait, j'ai fait ce que Jim a suggéré que je laisse la ville guidée mes décisions. J'ai réalisé assez tôt que nous pourrions être géographiquement localisés. Je trouve ça excitant que c'était un vraie ville pour ces personnages. La maison était vraiment près du restaurant où Lois et Mallory aller pour Po'Boys, et du strip club où Kristen travaille. Les habitants ont vraiment étaient accueillants et l'équipe était absolument fantastique. C'était probablement l'une des meilleurs équipe avec qui j'ai travaillé. La ville parlait, donc dans la bande originale, vous entendez les bruits des navires et des trains de marchandises, et ça interrompt tout. Les gars du sons étaient frustrés, mais ces gars ont fait avec. Il y a une scène en particulier, quand Doug arrive le premier, et ils sont couchés dans le lit, on entend le train. Jims arrive, "J'aime ce son," et ça a marché. Ils ont fait avec, et je laisse ce être sur les personnages dans le film.

Q: Jake a dit que vous n'aviez pas beaucoup de répétitions. James et Melissa, comment avez-vous établis que vous étiez un couple marié?

JG: Je l'adore. Nous l'avons juste fait, elle est vraiment professionnel. Elle est très belle, ce qui aide! Tu es de New York non?
ML: Oui.
JG: Les trucs comme ça aide. Je l'ai apprécié, je pense que les trucs comme ça montre. La Nouvelle-Orléans est une ville incroyable aussi, pour son manque de règles et l'absence de réglementation. C'est pour que tu (Kristen) étais capable de te promener dans la rue comme une stripteaseuse. Le sensation de la ville a aidé.
ML: J'ai adoré travaillé avec Jimmy. J'ai toujours les bagues de mariages et d'engagement que Lois portait. Je les porte un peu. Cette sympathie que Jim a, c'est une chose étonnante quand tu t'entends bien avec un acteur formidable. Tu peux vraiment prétendre. C'était si facile à faire, c'est dur de trouver des mots pour ça.

Q: Vous êtes tous amis. Avec un casting si petit, en travaillant dans une ville intime, avec juste vous trois, vous avez formé une sorte de famille?

JG: Les petits films peuvent faire ça. Tu travailles, et tu ne sors pas 15 heures par jour. Il y a vraiment un sens de la famille, en travaillant ensembles.
ML: Nous avons travaillés mais je sais que j'aurais toujours un amour de mère pour Kristen, et un amour de femme pour Jimmy. Je vais le porter pour le reste de mes jours.

Q: Kristen, comment c'était d'être la plus jeune du casting, et as-tu eu envie que Mallory laisse tomber et les laisse l'adopter?

KS: Tu regarde le film, et c'est ce que tu veux. Quand je travaillais, c'était de loin une lointaine option de ce qui serait déjà travaillé. Elle se déteste, mais ils sont comme elle, donc peut-être que leurs opinions l'ont changée.

Q: Kristen, as-tu un processus pour sortir d'un rôle? Spécialement en jouant Bella dans Twilight, puis en jouant Mallory puis en tournant 'New Moon.'

KS: Non. Les quelques films que j'ai fait entre les films Twilight ont été différents. Je ne veux pas choquer qui que ce soit, mais quand quelque chose te parle, tu dois le faire. Aussi, je suis vraiment chanceuse d'avoir mon casting dans les séries. Dès que nous serons sur le set ensembles, ça va juste arriver. Tu penses toujours que c'est dur d'y retourner, mais ça ne l'est pas. Nous voulons tous raconter l'histoire pour tellement longtemps.

Q: Kristen, penses-tu que Mallory ne changera jamais?

KS: Mallory ne pense pas à ce qui va arriver après. J'espère qu'elle continuera à danser, mais arrêter de travailler. Mais je pense qu'elle va continuer à le faire, c'est ce qu'elle sait.

Q: Kristen, tu te donne à 100% dans tes rôles. Vas-tu porter Mallory avec toi?

KS: Je pense que vous avez de tout. Ce n'est pas juste des parties que vous jouez, c'est des expériences, tout ce que vous faites c'est qui vous êtes. Certains des moments les plus monumentales dans ma vie ont été dans les films. Celui là, plus que la normal. Je pense qu'il a eu un effet sur moi.

Q: James, tu joue Tony Soprano pour quelques temps. Comment c'était de passer d'une sorte de père à celui là? As-t-il influencé Doug?

JG: Non, il a fait. C'est parti très vite pour moi.

Q: Kristen, ton personnage était un mystère. Qu'as tu imaginé de son ancienne histoire?

KS: Jake avait quelques idées. Ils n'ont pas été si défini, pour être honnête. Il y avait quelques choses qu'il m'a dites quand on a commencé le film. La première est que beaucoup d'histoires de ces filles sont typiques. Quelques choses a ajouter pour être capable de faire ce travail. J'ai en quelque sorte inséré quelques trucs. Je sais d'où elle vient, je sais qu'elle ne ment pas quand elle dit à Doug d'où elle vient. Mais de vraiment aller dans ça, ce serait vraiment bizarre.

Q: Kristen, comment mettre la garde robe du personnage aide à enter dedans?

KS: Ça aide toujours. Je ne pense pas beaucoup quand j'entends stripteaseuse. Beaucoup de gens ont des idées sur comment ils doivent être, mais je ne n'ai aucunes. J'avais toujours imaginé qu'ils devaient être sexy, parce que c'est leur boulot. Vous ne voudrez jamais enlever le trench coat, mais vivant à la Nouvelle-Orléans, il fait chaud. Tout aide, le maquillage.

Q: James, quel est le rôle rêver que tu voudrais avoir?

JG: Curly de 'The Three Stogies.'

Q: Q'est ce qui vous as manquez de vos villes respectives pendant que vous tourniez à la Nouvelle-Orléans?

JS: Mes enfants et ma femme m'ont manqués. Evidemment ta famille te manque. Je vis à LA. Quand vous partez pour un long projet comme celui là, ces gars sont plus expérimentés que moi, vous êtes avec une famille bien. J'essaie de faire ma vie chez moi au possible. J'ai loué une maison là-bas avec le cameraman. J'adore cuisiner, et je dois cuisiner. Si tu as mangé dans des restaurants à la Nouvelle-Orléans, vous reviendriez vraiment différents. Tu manques la routine en fait.
KS: J'ai tendance à vraiment offenser les gens quand je vais, spécialement sur celui ci. C'était la première fois que j'étais vraiment seule sur un film. J'adore marcher dans la ville, comme si c'était à moi, un peu comme Mallory. Je n'ai pas vraiment manqué grand-chose, je m'amusais.
JG : Ma femme et la nourriture de New York m'ont manqué. J'ai eu des brûlures d'estomac à la Nouvelle-Orléans!
ML: J'adore travailler, et ce film était une période très heureuse. Mon fils a maintenant 23 ans, et il n'y a pas de mari pour s'inquiéter de ça. Je suis donc très heureuse d’emménager là où un film m'emmène.

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