Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Better TV Interview - 'Welcome to the Rileys' New York Press Junket

Interviewed on October 18th in New York, by Rhiannon Ally.
Interviewée le 18 octobre à New York, par Rhiannon Ally.


@RhiannonAlly - "Just interviewed Kristen Stewart-she’s very sweet,
KStew said she ate a ton of po’ boys while shooting WTTR in NOLA..she likes the shrimp ones the best!
WTTR was her first time alone on location said Melissa Leo and James Gandolfini watched over her.
ha! She’s very modest-she doesn’t seem to like talking abt herself at all.
She said it wasn’t enough to just not wear make-up, they needed to rough her up..
I asked how they made her skin look so bad in WTTR the make-up artist drew all the blemishes & lots of bruises on.
KStew also said she was offered a job at an LA strip club while researching the role! Lol"