Saturday, November 6, 2010

New interview for 'Welcome to the Rileys' with L'Actu (France)

Nouvelle interview avec L'Actu pour 'Welcome to the Rileys'

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Born in 1990 in Los Angeles, California (USA), Kristen Stewart is revealed at the age of 12 in David Fincher's The Panic Room. Becoming Bella for the first time in 2008 will make her a superstar. In 2010, she will also star in The Runaways. She takes a dramatic turn by playing a broken girl in Welcome To The Rileys that comes out on Wednesday.

Since Twilight, the image of the good girl is has been deemed to you. With this role in Welcome To The Rileys do you want to get rid of it?

The producer gave me an opportunity to convince the sceptics: you can play in a big production filled with vampires and at the same time, play an exotic dancer who is broke in a small budget film. The problem is, at my age, people, especially reporters, will stick the label that you're a one dimensional actress. I absolutely wanted to prove them that I could play a more 'adult' role while giving her some innocence.

How did you prepare yourself for the strip-tease scene?

One morning, I showed up on set in a micro-mini. Then, I walked in it in the streets. Strangely, all my inhibitions just went away. For the lap-dancing techniques, that was a little harder. I bruised myself, a lot...While reading the script, there was this little voice that was telling me 'Go for it, Kristen, do that movie! It'll reveal another side of you!' In real life, I'm rather prude. The star system, the fans, the awards ceremonies...That side of my career scares me. As much as I love acting, giving a performance, I don't like the other side.

Was it easy to act with James Gandolfini, the hero of The Sopranos?

I was very impressed the first time I had a scene with him. I couldn't help but think of his role as a mafioso and kept telling myself: 'Girl, give a good performance or he'll put a hit on you!' (laughs). But he's a big teddy bear who wouldn't hurt a fly...