Monday, January 24, 2011

NEW/old interview from 'New Moon' Paris promo with Canal+

NOUVELLE/ancien interview lors de la promo de 'New Moon' à Paris avec Canal+

Translation: by Libenet

Kristen talks about how Twilight can touch/affect anyone, because anyone has been a teenager at some point and can relate, in some way, to the movie. She says that the emotions in the movie are universal and that the vampires and werewolves just add to the attractiveness of the saga.

Funny thing : At the end of the vid, the interviewer walks out of the hotel and talks to some colleague. He says that he was with Rob and that the interview was pretty cool. His friend asks him if he finally gets why all these girls (in the back) are so crazy about him. The interviewer pauses for few seconds, and his friends bursts out in laughs. He says to him "What do you want me to say?? That I'd like to marry the guy??? I mean, yeah; I like him. He's a cool dude."