Thursday, April 19, 2012

'On the Road' in competition at the Festival de Cannes 2012!!

Today is the day of the announcement of the official selection at Cannes. In April 19 we will know whether or not On the Road will be present (in competition or out of competition)!

The conference starts at 11am (France time zone | 2am PDT).
Aujourd'hui est le jour de l'annonce de la sélection officielle du Festival de Cannes. En ce 19 avril nous allons savoir si oui ou non Sur la Route sera présent (en compétition ou hors-compétition)!

La conférence commence à 11h.

YAY! CONGRATULATIONS to the cast&crew!!

Congratulations also to Robert Pattinson and Cosmopolis cast&crew, in competition too.

English translation:

On the Road is a project on which a group of people, many of them coming from the The Motorcycle Diaries family, has devoted 7 years of their lives. The fact that the film has been selected for the Competition of the Cannes Film Festival is a reward for the young actors and technicians who have given so much to the film. Traveling more than 100 thousand kms to film it, this gives an idea of the adventure which we had. On the Road only exists because of the passion that we all had for Kerouac's book and by the behavioral revolution he sparked. And, also, by the courageous action of independent distributors and producers, led by MK2 and associates the Zoetrope, made the film a reality.