Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Charlize Theron talks about Kristen on Google+ Hangout

Charlize Theron parle de Kristen sur Google+ Hangout

Transcript: "You know that was the first day we met each other, at ComicCon, and we both got on the plane to go and do that with some anxiety about meeting each other this way because usually actors meet each other on location and you get together and you start taking about the material and this was the first time that I met actors like that in that circumstance. That was an anxious day for me because I am a massive fan of Kristen's and I was really excited to do this film with her and I was just really hoping that we would get along and I want to say in an eighth of a second that we realized we were very much kindred spirits, and that we were going to have a good time making the film. When we ended up in London together it really just that whole relationship just continued the same and I now feel like she's just an annoying little sister that will just not leave me alone and she likes to yell at me a lot, I think she's trying to get back at me for yelling at her so much in the movie."

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