Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mod post: About recent events

These last few days turned out to be very difficult, given the endless media reports and twists that were grittier each and every one of them. For the first (and last) time, I'll talk about it here.

This is with a broken heart that I wish to express my grief and bewilderment towards all these negative things said against Kristen. I one day fell in love with a talent, then the authenticity of a person I have therefore decided to support, and today more than ever. It seems essential to remember who Kristen is, what she's done, and why you decided to love her. You may be told that in life everything is not just black or white, and that judgments, hasty or not, simply create more suffering. And as rightly said Giovanni Agnelli: 'Let's give them both love and time to heal'..

- Farah.