Thursday, September 27, 2012

Project - 'Twilight Nation' by Larry Carroll

Projet - 'Twilight Nation' par Larry Carroll

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A first-of-its-kind documentary portraying the fans of “Twilight,” who transformed a low-budget film into a $2 billion franchise.

This project will only be funded if at least $300,000 is pledged by Tuesday Nov 6, 1:34pm EST.

A first-of-its-kind documentary, TWILIGHT NATION tells the tale of the rabid, wholly devoted and unapologetically fun-loving fanbase that transformed “Twilight” from a small-budget movie pushed aside by Hollywood into the $2 billion franchise it could no longer ignore. Through the eyes of the fans, it explores the unique relationship between the franchise’s stars and devoted ticket buyers, the behind-the-scenes tales of friendship and fanaticism, and the emotional goodbyes as “Breaking Dawn - Part 2” hits theaters this November.

Combining fan and celebrity interviews, archive footage, Twilighter-filmed gems, dramatic recreations, a musical scene and many other surprises, TWILIGHT NATION serves as a keepsake for the millions of fans who love the franchise so dearly. After the smoke fades and the mainstream media has moved on to the next big thing, this is a flick that Twilighters can watch again and again to look back on a very special time in their lives consisting of Comic-Con sleepovers, midnight screenings, and hugs from Kellan Lutz.

Directed by Larry Carroll, the film continues in the “Twilight Tuesdays” tradition of non-judgmental appreciation for a group of film fans who are far more than just screaming girls. TWILIGHT NATION will bring a smile to every Twilighters face, a message of appreciation towards the series cast and crew who made the past half-decade possible, and an outsider’s introduction to a truly special fanbase.

About the Production:

If our funds are raised, Larry and his crew will be traveling to meet Twilighters all over the country, filming new interviews with them. We’ll also be reaching out to all the stars of the series, in an attempt to schedule final interviews before they move on with their careers.

We’re also hoping to create an all-Twilight-band soundtrack to the movie, featuring new songs and old favorites from many of the artists inspired by Stephenie Meyer’s world of vampires, wolves and wonder. Another hope is to get one of the actors from the series to narrate the film.

In addition to the above, costs include equipment, editing, post-production and all sorts of things that typically require a big movie studio and lots of people in fancy suits and ties with checkbooks. Ours is a film about the fans, made by a journalist who has enjoyed a special relationship with the Twilighters since day one - and can’t wait to tell the world what these folks are really all about.

Risks and challenges:

Where Will it Play?

Once we're funded, "Twilight Nation" is a go. We'll be reaching out to fans and the franchise stars for interviews, and at that point the film is a collaboration - the more interaction and support we have with the fans, the better it will turn out.

When the film is completed, the sky’s the limit, really. It will be shopped around to studios, film festivals, TV networks, video-on-demand, etc. Eventually, we anticipate its release on home video and download. TWILIGHT NATION will be released in 2013.
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Un documentaire unique en son genre décrivant les fans de "Twilight", qui ont transformés un film à petit budget en une franchise à 2 milliards de dollars.

Résumé: Ce projet ne sera possible que si nous avons récolté 300,000 dollars d'ici le 6 novembre 2012. Ce documentaire sera réalisé par Larry Carroll, journaliste connu pour les 'Twilight Tuesdays' et ne sortira que s'il récolte 300,000 dollars d'ici le 6 novembre. Il s'agira de montrer dedans comment les fans de Twilight ont fait d'une petite production, une saga de plus de 2 milliards de dollars. Il parlera des relations entre stars du films & les spectateurs mais également de l'ambiance derrière les caméras & bien sur des grands au-revoir émotionnels quand Breaking Dawn Part 2 sortira au cinéma. Twilight nation sera une sorte de souvenir pour tous les fans qui ont tant aimés cette saga. Les fans pourront voir et revoir des évènements comment la Comic Con ou les avants premières etc... Larry, le réalisateur, voyagera à travers les USA pour rencontrer les Twilighters et faire de nouvelles interviews avec. Mais des interview avec les stars de Twilight seront aussi faites, avant qu'elles ne passent à autres choses. Une soundtrack avec les chansons préférées des fans et celle de Stephenie Meyer sera créee. Twilight Nation sortira en 2013, en DVD ou VOD.