Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fan encounter with Tom Wright, who talks about Kristen, Jules and K-11 - Torino Film Festival

Italian original source - Translated by @BlurryLondon

After the press conference the girl says she and her friend kind of followed Jules to were she was supposed to be giving interviews, asked her for a picture and then waited for her to be done with the press. In the meantime Tom Wright went to them, introducing himself and asking them if they were going to watch K-11 that evening at the festival (he said he would have given them tickets if they didn't already have them).

"I asked him if once Jules was done with interviews we could get an autograph and he promised to help us. Then he started going on about how lucky we were to have gotten a pic with Jules, seen as she hates having her picture taken because she sees herself as fat and ugly. I told him she reminded me about someone, and he started talking about Kristen.

He told us quite a lot of things:

• Jules and Kristen haven't seen each other in 2 weeks, but they text on a regular basis.
• Everytime Kristen has an event to attend or a public appearance to make she calls or texts Jules saying "Mom, I'm super nervous".
• Jules nicknamed Kristen "hurricane" because Kristen is always in a rush, and when she goes to Jules' house or workplace she shocks everyone just like a hurricane.
• Kristen's always in motion, the only times she stands still is when she surfes the internet and buys things on eBay.
• Italian fans are among Kristen's favourites because they go to great lengths to see her and are very passionate.
• She loves her fans because they do crazy things for her.
• She takes after Jules with her dislike towards public appearances; Jules, even if we never see her, always attends Kristen's premieres/events. She hides in the VIP area because "she fucking hates Hollywoodian stuff".
• I asked him to describe Kristen to us, and he said she's very sweet, down to earth person who's very generous with the people she loves.
• Kristen read the script for K-11 while she was shooting Welcome to the Riley's and she wanted to be in the movie. That was before Twilight became so famous though, and seen Twilight's success she decided, along with Jules, that she wouldn't be in the movie because she didn't want her mom's film to succeed only because she was in it. She didn't want it to be her movie, but her mom's movie. Jules agreed, she didn't want to use her daughter to sell her movie."

That's it, she then says they gave Tom a letter to give to Kristen and he promised to deliver it.