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Breaking Dawn Part 2 out November 14th and in exclusivity we've met with the leading actors: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in Los Angeles. The couple on screen who experienced some trouble in private won't answer anything regarding their private lifes but will talk about the future without Twilight. Sebastien Vuania et Marc Guéri.

Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and finally Breaking Dawn. The fans went through all stages of emotions with all the films. In this last chapter, Bella is coming around with her new life as a vampire.

Kristen: I feel very good about it. I've spent a long time waiting to become a vampire, because it's always good to come closer to something rather than getting away from it. It's a different feeling indeed.

Since 2008, a new chapter came out each year and...

Robert: I'm kind of excited about it. At the moment i'm not really sad but I think I'll be at the very end of it. It lasted a long time and that's it. It's done. It's kind of exciting.

Edward: If the world knew the truth we could explain it to them...

K: I've been waiting to do this movie. I'm a fan of the book and I could'nt be more invested and to play the end shocked me. It's really crazy to watch.

R: I'm sure people will say they've changed the story ! But I hope they'll like it anyway!

These movies made Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson stars. Robert has indeed a lot of projects coming up!

Robert: I'll be starring in a lot of movies next year. The first one : The Rover is a sort of a Futuristic Western movie that I care about and I'll go back to Irak most likely but I don't know when though. And finally I will shoot with Cronenberg once again. My god it's incredible.

But before this, Breaking Dawn Part 2 will be out in Theaters on November 14th.

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