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Scans/Translation - New Kristen's interview in L'Express Styles Magazine (France - Nov 21-27, 2012 issue)

Scans - NOUVELLE interview de Kristen dans le magazine français L'Express Styles (numéro du 21/27 novembre 2012)

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The heroine of Twilight, the romantic series of a whole generation has become, at 22, the highest paid actress in the world. She's also the face of the 'Florabotanica' fragrance by Balenciaga.

One morning, in the suite of a Parisian palace, Kristen Stewart, green eyes, slender, gets impatient. "No Dictaphone!" she ordered in a muscled voice, from the top of her 1.67 meters height. "Take notes! Use your memory! Invent!" The interview starts badly. But she laughed. Humor. The romantic heroine of the Twilight saga Twilight, from the last chapter that breaks on the screen, plays Bella Swan for five years, this girl in love with a 104 years-old vampire, which brought him fame. That day, Kristen Stewart can not imagine she will be the heart of a scandal ultra publicized during the summer. The American actress, partner of the male Twilight icon (Robert Pattinson) was caught in adultery with Rupert Sanders. Director, married and father who had chosen her to play the heroine of Snow White and the Huntsman. Facing the media outcry, the "guilty one" made a public apology ... Jodie Foster took her defense: "If I had to grow in this media culture, I do not think I'll survive emotionally." Today, Kristen continues her path, head held high. Listen to her words, free, delivered just before the summer: they are almost prescient.

Tell us about Bella Swan.

In this new film, she is no longer the romantic and shy high school girl that we knew but a vampire, fearsome warrior with blood red eyes ... She now runs at the speed of a cheetah and wins arm wrestling battles with monsters that are three times her size ... to prepare for this role, I took a grueling workout. It is also the first time I play a mother: my daughter is a vampire who, at the age of 1 month, is measuring 1.20 meters, talking and walking!

How did you feel during the filming of the final Twilight? Melancholy, or rather relief?

I mostly had a lot of fun: there were 100 vampires on stage, it felt like Halloween! The floor was covered with glittery red contact lenses that we regularly lost ... At the time of the first Twilight, I was just 17, none of us could have imagined such a craze ! We have grown together over the episodes, we supported eachother, this helped me a lot. These five years have allowed me to develop on a personal level.

Did the success of Twilight open the doors of the cinema for you?

Absolutely! I have access to larger roles: Marylou in On the Road, Walter Salles' movie...Kerouac's novel ... has been with me forever. I love Marylou, she's funny, intelligent, uninhibited, ahead of her time. I fought for years to help this film rise. And before the shooting, I went on a road trip myself ... with friends!

Do you recognize yourself in it?

Yes and no. I am not an avant-garde nor a leader, and, alas, I am not accustomed to this impulse which accounts for the artists and forces them to create in order for them not to be devoured by their demons. For cons, I have a fiery attitude, an absolutist side, sometimes rigid. I impose to myself rules: choose strong characters that fit me, on edge, tortured. I need to be honest with myself.

What is your definition of honesty?

Difficult to explain. Listen to my heart, my guts. Make up for what I truly believe, even if I make mistakes. But how regret something that we really believe in? I understand that is what matters to me most, and it is the job of a lifetime. It also requires to have roots values, inculcated by education.

How were you as a child?

I was wild, very shy. At school, I was nicknamed "the wall"! I suffered from hyperactivity and attention disorders. I left school at 13 and followed correspondence courses. I enjoyed cooking. If I had not chosen to be an actress, I'd probably work in the restaurant field. but Cinema has always been running through my veins and I was almost born on a stage. I loved accompany my parents (father stage manager, mother script supervisor) on set. I started playing in front of a camera at 9...

What are the steps that have been most formative for you?

Panic Room by David Fincher. I incarnated the diabetic daughter of a divorced mother (Jodie Foster). I was 10 years old ... With hindsight, I realize how lucky I was, even if I was not at my best. Jodie encouraged me. She is my example. I always think of her when I make a film, her integrity. Another important film for me was Speak, in which I performed a teenager traumatized by rape. I felt for the first time, not to play but to vomit my emotions. And then there was the meeting with Sean Penn and Into the Wild. Sean gave me wings to get into the independent film I always loved.

Do you have any other models?

Yes. Charlize Theron with whom I played in Snow White and the Huntsman. I admire her choices, her way to transform the cinema, her kindness. This is someone who I can confide in. It is not at all a diva. She can be seen rather as an element of the film. Otherwise, my idol, to whom I would so looklike ... is Brigitte Bardot. I could not find someone more different than me!

Recently, Patti Smith told us: "Kristen is charismatic. I want her to play my role in the film adaptation of my book" Just Kids."

Patti Smith is a powerful woman, true, overwhelming. I am touched by her words. It is true that I am passionate about music. I play the guitar since childhood, I have a collection of Telecaster and Gibson. My father, a former hippie, made me learn bedding arrangements of songs by Neil Young and Bob Dylan. I write songs that are small and scenarios that I share with my friends...All musicians. But you can hear some of them in Into the Wild and The Runaways. I would like to record a rock record.

How did you forge your personal style?

I am a simple Californian who dresses mostly in jeans and a sweatshirt. But I also like the great designers, especially Balenciaga, including cuts and prints that look like works of art. I agreed to be the face of Florabotanica for its chemistry, androgynous and suspicious, and the bottle is almost an art object. This fragrance has a rock edge and thorny. If I were a scent, this is what I would exhale.

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