Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Transcript - Very interesting press conference for 'K-11' with Jules Stewart & Tom Wright at the Torino Film Festival

Sunday 25 November, 12:30 pm

A different prison movie Jules Stewart: To make this movie, I wanted to use a place that really exists in Los Angeles; not a prison per se but a temporary detention center for people awaiting trial. We shot in an abandoned penitentiary from the ‘50s, just like the one referred to in the movie.

Goran Visnjic, the protagonist

Jules Stewart: The choice for the leading actor fell on Goran because he’s absolutely perfect to play the role of a good-looking, heterosexual European man, who finds himself relegated to a place alien to him. In other words, we needed an actor that seemed innocent at a first glance and who looked uncomfortable in the surrounding environment.

Tom Wright Jr.: Goran was perfect for the role, maybe because he was searching for a character like that to play. He felt imprisoned in the role of Luka Kovac, which he successfully played in E.R., so he was able to give his best for this new part.

A difficult movie

Tom Wright Jr.: I’ve been working as a producer for over twenty years and I’ve noticed that, as time goes by, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to make movies. I’m not just referring to finding the funds, but to all the various production phases. It’s not surprising if Jules, when she was shooting, would often tell me she felt relieved by my presence, seeing in me a sort of protection from all the problems that were surrounding us. I must say, however, that were able to rely on a network of longstanding acquaintances: we share a reciprocal respect with each other, and they was very helpful, also because they believe in us. It’s the same feelings that motivated me and Jules, and we’ve worked with each other for decades!

A family on set

Jules Stewart: My son Cameron plays a small role in the films; it’s his debut as an actor. I have to say I am really happy with his performance: we supported each other on set, and the results were excellent.

A debut in its own way

Jules Stewart: I decided to make my debut with a film like this because I really enjoyed the story from the very beginning: it seemed unique in its originality.

Casting the women

Jules Stewart: Mousey’s role was the first one we cast. When Kate del Castilo came to me, I immediately realized she would be perfect for the part. As for the one other two women in the movie, we had to search a little longer: it wasn’t hard, but it did take us more time.

Petty criminals and fish out of water

Tom Wright Jr.: K-11 is more than a movie about transvestites or gender issues. It’s a portrait of a very confined place where many petty criminals live cloistered; they are described as realistically as possible, along with their feelings and events. A fundamental component is also Raymond’s condition: the protagonist finds himself catapulted in a world where he feels like a fish out of water.

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