Monday, November 19, 2012

CNN Mexico Interview

JA: If you could change roles with the “twihards” what team would you choose: Edward, Bella or Jacob?
K: Probably with Bella. I’m a little biased, so I don’t know if I hadn't had this experience……But now that I’ve walked in her shoes…I’d probably go with Bella.

JA: What’s the scene out of the entire saga that you will never forget?
K: There are a couple that I will never forget shooting: The wedding scene, The scene at the end of “twilight” at the prom, the first kiss in “twilight”, we reshoot that, it was such a big deal”.

JA: For you or the people around? The twihards?
K: They didn’t really exist yet in our world, they were fans of the book at the point. So it was definitely us. Catherine the director, me and Rob, the producers, at the beginning it just didn’t come out right. Probably those are the ones that come to mind, all the big moments, the big scenes we were waiting to do.

JA: Do you have a favorite app? Is it true that you live glued to your phone?
K: I don’t think so, I don’t really have any apps on my phone actually, like none whatsoever.

JA: How did you feel when you finish with the last scene, and was it the last scene in the movie the last one to shoot?
K: The first time we “wrapped” the movie, it was the wedding. We had to come back and do additional footage. The first time we wrapped I didn’t believe it, I was almost like we knew that we needed to do more. It didn’t feel like I needed to say goodbye to anyone, it was more like as a group, we were saying goodbye to the experience. Usually you want to live longer in that world but even though we were sad and it was definitely surreal, nobody was like “oh God, I wish we had a little more time”. We’ve been doing this for 5 years, at this point we should congratulate each other and say “We did it”.

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