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Videos/Gifs - Interviews from the 'On the Road' Premiere in New York

Vidéos/Gifs - Interviews lors de la Première à New York de 'Sur la Route'

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“I think it was a slightly more thoughtful time,” Kristen Stewart said at the premiere of her movie On the Road, based on the Jack Kerouac novel set in 1951. “It’s obviously an incredibly different lifestyle [from today.] There’s not this constant stimulation. I think you’d get to know yourself a little bit better, a little bit faster,” she added, thoughtfully. “That, I was into.”
Je pense que c'était une époque légèrement plus réfléchie," dit Kristen Stewart lors de la Premère de son film Sur la Route, basé sur le roman de Jack Kerouac qui se déroule en 1951. "C'est évidemment un mode de vie très différent [de celui d'aujourd'hui]. Il n'y a pas cette stimulation constante. Je pense que vous apprenez à vous connaître un peu mieux, un peu plus vite," a t'elle ajoutée, pensive. " Voilà, j'étais dedans."

Showing some major skin in a sheer Erdem number, Stewart recalled her first time reading the novel, as a freshman in high school. “I’d always done well in school, but I was never fueled by it. I just wanted to be a good kid,” Stewart said. “[Reading ‘On the Road’] really kick-started something for me. It probably coincided with the age for me as well. It’s that moment when you look up and realize that you actually choose your surroundings.”
Montrant plus de peau dans une robe Erdem, Stewart a reparlée de sa première lecture du roman, comme étudiante de première année de lycée. "J'ai toujours bien bossé à l'école, mais je n'ai jamais été nourri par elle. Je voulais juste être une bonne enfant," dit Stewart. "[Lire 'Sur la Route'] a vraiment était pour moi le coup d'envoi de quelque chose. Il a probablement coïncidé avec mon âge aussi. C'est le moment où vous levez les yeux et vous vous rendez compte que vous avez réellement à choisir votre environnement."

Stewart, wearing a sheer Erdem dress and hot pink Christian Louboutin pumps, said she first read the book “as a freshman in high school and it really kick-started something for me.” She relished the opportunity to bring Marylou’s character to life: “One really remarkable thing about her—she’s so completely un-self-conscious and so self-aware at the same time, and for a teenager, those are not common attributes,” she said. “She was a beautiful girl and she was infectiously, disarmingly present.”
Stewart, vêtue d'une robe Erdem et de hot talons rose Christian Louboutin, dit qu'elle a lu la première fois le livre "en tant qu'étudiante de première année de lycée et il a vraiment était le coup d'envoi de quelque chose pour moi." Elle a savourée l'occasion de donner vie au personnage de Marylou: "Une chose vraiment remarquable à son sujet - elle est si complètement naturelle et si consciente d'elle-même en même temps, et pour une adolescente, ce ne sont pas des caractéristiques communes," dit t'elle. "C'était une belle fille et elle était contagieuse, désarmante et présente."

It would be hard to end 2012 without a few final reflections from this year's most talked about young actor, Kristen Stewart. Luckily we caught up with her at the IFC Films/Sundance Selects premiere (presented by Grey Goose Vodka) of On the Road, the film adaptation of the beloved Jack Kerouac novel. Though our primary intention may or may not have been to see that dress up close, we chatted up the starlet, discussing her favorite On the Road scenes, the joy of showering, and more. We walked away thinking that, after a year of very public ups and downs, starring in this art-house adaptation might just provide her with a perfect capper to 2012 and a pleasant segue into a more stable 2013.

Was On the Road influential for you as an adolescent?

"I read it for school. I'd always really done well in school and enjoyed it, but I was never floored by it, in that way. Up until that point, I did it because I wanted to be a good kid, and then it sort of kickstarted something in me. It probably coincided with the age that I was — it's a moment when you look up and actually choose your surroundings, you actually choose the people that you're going to call your friends. At that time, I thought, 'I need to find people that are going to really push me.'"

How did you get the get the rough look of your character, Marylou?

"She was just really simple. One really remarkable thing about her is she's so completely un-self-conscious. Vanity was the last thing on her mind. She was a beautiful girl, and everyone who talked about her said that. She was infectious and disarmingly present. I wasn't going for rough. I was going for real." Do you have any favorite looks that you've gotten to wear this year?

"I liked everything I wore this year…I think. I don't want to offend any of the dresses."

What aspects of the film did you relate to?

"I think I always really identified with Sal Paradise [played by Sam Riley]. As much as Marylou offers so much of the vitality, so much of what you are hungry for during the read, I didn't really identify with her initially. It took a lot to pull it out."

What was your favorite on-set moment with your co-stars Garrett Hedlund and Sam Riley?

"I think probably at the end of the shoot. It's funny, one of my favorite moments is Garrett not being there. He had to go do something and I had finished doing a scene that his character was not present for, and it was just kind of perfect. His absence was very poignant. The fact that it was my last scene in the entire the movie, saying goodbye to Walter [Salles, director] and taking a picture in the middle of a completely empty road in the desert. It was excruciating, but at the same time, kind of what I instantly think about."

Everybody on the set was smoking and drinking, did you look forward to showering at the end of every shoot?

"I did enjoy showering at the end of the day. If we were actually taking that trip, it would be the grimiest. I used to think about that all the time. So, I was glad to not go there."

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