Thursday, January 3, 2013

Scan/Translation - Grazia's Best Dressed of 2012: Kristen Stewart

Scan/Traduction - Mieux Habillée de 2012 selon Grazia: Kristen Stewart

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Grazia Fashion Awards 2012
#1 Kristen Stewart
Radical Glam

Here is a comeback! Absent from our top 10 until last year when she was ranked 8th, the vampire lover has, in one year, grab the palm of pure good looks. Flower in full bloom grungy glam, Miss Stewart was able to be unfaithful to her eternal sneakers without disowning them: this is a Free style attitude associated with a real class, confirmed by an ability to capture the most edgy outfits with disconcerting ease, which makes us applaud. keep on, Kristen!