Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cute behind the scenes story from 'Breaking Dawn' filming in Louisiana

Adorable petite histoire du tournage de 'Breaking Dawn' en Louisiane

During the shoot that gave Stage 2 its nickname “Twilight Holy Ground,” Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were filming in bed together when the noise of gunfire made it through the soundproof walls — the sound of an AR15 firing from the “Battleship” set across the lot. According to Mulhearn, Stewart jumped up in the bed and shouted, “I wanna be in that movie!”
Pendant le tournage qui a donné à l'étape 2 son surnom de "Twilight Holy Ground," Kristen Stewart et Robert Pattinson tournaient dans un lit ensemble quand un bruit de coups de feu à traverser les murs insonorisés - le bruit d'un tir de AR-15 du tournage de "Battleship". Selon Mulhearn, Stewart a sautée sur le lit et a criée: "Je veux être dans ce film!"

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