Monday, May 27, 2013

UPD - Kristen's reprint cover will NOT be the 1st cover of Vanity Fair France

MAJ - La couverture réimprimée de Kristen ne sera PAS la première couverture de Vanity Fair France
"It's crazy how a false cover (issue 0) can generate fantasies! Did you seriously think that we would unveil the first REAL cover?"

They got us LOL!

Comment on the article: "Actually, their comment doesn't say that Kristen isn't on the cover. Just that this isn't the real cover." Right.
Ils nous ont eu LOL!

Commentaire sur l'article: "En fait, leur commentaire ne dit pas que Kristen n'est pas sur la couverture. Juste que ce n'est pas la vraie couverture." Très juste.


May 22, 2013 - 22 mai 2013
Kristen on cover of the 1st issue of Vanity Fair France (July 2013) - Kristen en couverture du premier numéro de Vanity Fair France (Juillet 2013)

"Kristen Stewart
Easy prey or a manhunter?
The rebellious star tells the year where everything changed"

The first issue of French Vanity Fair is set to hit newsstands on June 26.

Pictures from an subscription mailing from Vanity Fair France (Thx to @mandinetweets)

Note: That cover is a reprint of Vanity Fair's July 2012 issue
"Kristen Stewart
Proie facile ou mangeuse d'hommes?
La star insoumise raconte l’année où tout a changé"

Le premier numéro du Vanity Fair France sort en kiosque le 26 juin.

Photos d'un courrier publicitaire de Vanity Fair France (Merci à @mandinetweets)

Note: Cette couverture est une réimpression du numéro de Vanity Fair de juillet 2012


  1. GORGEOUS������

  2. Actally, their comment doesn't say that Kristen isn't on the cover. Just that this isn't the real cover. It makes sense. Whether Kristen or someone else, they wouldn't reuse a photoshoot for their inaugural issue.

    1. Yes I totally agree with you!
      Now that you say it, she can still be on their first cover.. We'll see in June :)

    2. Title of the article changed ;)!

  3. I still highly doubt Kristen will be on the cover, especially with the title of that article. Why would she be giving that kind of interview to French Vanity Fair? Unless the article title has been faked as well? Plus she's in between projects and not promoting anything right now, so I don't see her agreeing to be the cover interview when she knows all they'll be asking about is her personal life.

    I honestly think Vanity Fair just wanted to get people's attention and used Kristen to do it, because they know how powerful her fanbase is and that so many people have an interest in her.

    1. It could be related to Balenciaga.

      The weird thing is why they chose Kristen for this false cover, you know? She's not the only one who could get people's attention.

      I'm skeptical about it..
      Finally this is a bad publicity for the magazine.

  4. Yeah, I agree with you. I think Krisen will have the cover.

  5. Ce n'est pas Kristen en couverture,dommage!!!