Friday, May 3, 2013

More new quotes added - Jules Stewart talks about Kristen with Cable TV (Adorable!)

Part 2 (New quotes)

What’s it like reading about your personal life and/or daughter’s personal life in the tabloids?

JS: If you read that you are crazy. People write things that aren’t true all the time; they make things up to sell their papers. We don’t buy into it. We don’t care; they could write whatever they want. A couple of years ago, when I was in the grocery store I read that my daughter was having an alien baby. It’s like, really? [laughs] You deal with it. It’s rubbish and it’s a desperate attempt to get people to spend their money.

I read that you did a cook-off with Kristen on your Twitter. Is that true?

JS: Kristen loves a good challenge. We agreed to do a lasagna cook-off and we had all of our friends over and they were judges. Kristen won the cook-off and I was really proud of her.

Part 1

@LouiseSarah46 asked if you could see Kristen Stewart as a director in the future and what advice would you give her

JS: Absolutely. Again, don’t give up. You can do it. If you have the idea and you have the imagination, you can do it. For Kristen, I think she is brilliant and she probably will be a writer/director/producer in the future.

A lot of Kristen’s fans have embraced you and are now your fans. How does that feel?

JS: I think it’s awesome. I am so proud of my daughter. I think in today’s world, she just knocked it out of the park. I am thrilled that she is her own person. She is smart and funny — she is Kristen. She is a unique commodity in this world, and I couldn’t be more proud of her. I would back her up in any situation.

Do you have any plans to work together?

JS: I am not writing anything specifically for her. I would love to work with her. As a writer/director, it’s fun to work with anyone who is extremely talented, who brings more to the character than you could even imagine yourself, and I think Kristen is one of those actresses.

Back to K-11, how was it working with your son Cameron?

JS: It was fun. I have been telling him what to do ever since he was born. That was easy. We had a good time together on that film. I have a really good relationship with both of my children. We have a lot of fun together. I listened to everything he had to say, and he listened to everything I had to say and it worked. We had a good time together.

Source - Thank you to @LutzBonePatStew for the audio