Monday, November 4, 2013

Added a NEW picture of Kristen filming yesterday - Kristen started filming a NEW movie, Tim Blake Nelson's Anesthesia in New York

• According to Prod Weekly:
FILMING: November 3 – December 10
PRODUCER: Josh Hetzler - Christopher Scott - Julie Buck (Josh Hetzler Productions / Anesthesia Productions, Inc.)

A group of New Yorkers dealing with various stages of life and its attendant joys and tribulations are all touched in some way by beloved philosophy professor Walter Zarrow.

Deadline: Kristen Stewart has joined the ensemble cast of writer-director Tim Blake Nelson‘s Anesthesia in a small role. She’ll be shooting for a few days on the indie. Blake Nelson

Tweets + PHOTOS of Kristen

@Fekade1366 - "Kristen Stewart is on campus!!!"
image host - "Kstew is the brunette with her head turned toward the LLC, we promise."
image host

@itsfrickinvivi "Stalking Kristen Stewart in our dining hall.
If this is the real reason why our dining hall is closed this weekend, I'll fight someone." lol
image host

@cinemarion "On the shoot of #Anesthesia being extra on set with #KristenStewart and director #TimBlakeNelson #columbiauniversity #newyorkcity
We're shooting on campus - @ColumbiaSchArts students have been asked to be there as #extras"