Sunday, February 9, 2014

Short New Interview - Kristen talks beauty in Style, supplement from the Times

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Kstew's Secrets - What did a quick-fire beauty quiz with Kristen Stewart, face of the new Balenciaga Rosabotanica fragrance, reveal?

Preferred fragrance-dousing area: behind knees or décolletage?

"My go-to area is the boobs. I use two sprays, then I get dressed and spritz one on my clothes."

How much is too much fragrance?

"You definitely don't wait to walk into a room and blast everyone with your perfume."

What's the difference for you between Florabotanica and Rosabotanica?

"Florabotanica is for the morning - it smells like an early scent. And Rosabotanica is darker and a little muskier."

When did you last detox your make-up bag?

"Oh, that's a great thing to do. Things accumulate and get gross. I try to do it a lot. I'm always travelling, so I get the opportunity often. I'm super-OCD about getting rid of things I don't need."

What's the secret to your undone eyeliner?

"Usually it's a day old. Or you can just put it on and rub it your finger and a little spit."

Who would win an "eyebrow off" - you or Cara [Delevingne]?

"She has got me beat - her eyebrows are pretty epic. I'm glad to be associated with her in the brow department, through."