Monday, March 31, 2014

Added a new quote of Drake Doremus talking about 'Equals' & mentioning Kristen

Q: When I talked to you at Sundance last year, you mentioned that “Like Crazy” was about the past, “Breathe In” was about the present, and your next project—which I assume you are way farther along on by now—would be about the future, a sci-fI piece.

It’s more futuristic; it’s not really sci-fi. Maybe it was at the time, but it’s sort of changed a little bit. As I said, it’s fun to try something totally different. And for me, this is an exciting and kind of scary departure. So I’m excited to be working from a script, written by Nathan Parker—I kind of had a loose idea for it, and I brought it to him, and we started collaborating on it, and he wrote the movie.

Q: So what will it be like? Can you tell us about the new movie?

Yeah, I mean, it’s just a bigger movie. It’s kind of hard to explain. It's still very intimate, and still very performance-based, but at the same time, it's a broader concept, and it's a much bigger idea.

Q: What can you tell us about your cast?

It's Kristen Stewart and Nick Hoult, and they are fantastic. I think people are going to see a very different side of them than they've seen before. We're just going to get in and try to make something really unique and really special. We're shooting later this year.

Q: Well, for the next movie, you’re going sci-fi I heard?

Well, it’s not so much sci-fi as it is futuristic. It’s not really about the technological elements so much as it’s about a world where love does not exist anymore and human interaction is totally different and has been changed. I mean, it’s totally different, it’s written by Nathan Parker, who wrote Moon, and purposely I’m working with a whole different team of people and I want to do something totally different than I’ve ever done before. Consciously, it’s very different than Like Crazy and Breathe In.

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