Saturday, March 22, 2014

NEW cute fan pictures of Kristen from the set of 'Still Alice' on March 13 (+ Fan encounter)

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"So I made a twitlonger about meeting Kristen to make it easier to read. Realized I had ten million tweets haha I MET KRISTEN. SHE SIGNED MY BOOK. SHE PUT HER ARM AROUND ME. I DIED. DIED A THOUSAND DEATHS. SHE PUT HER ARM AROUND ME. I DIED. DEAD. DEATH. We met her last Thursday but wanted to wait before saying anything cause of paps, etc. We got a glimpse of her but of course she didn't stop because a bunch of paps jumped out of the woodwork and ran for her as she was entering/exiting. We had visited the set hoping but not expecting. We knew our chances were slim to none because of the paps. It would be cool just to see her. Later we straight up asked the bodyguard if we had a chance in hell haha We understood the paps issue but we had nothin to loose by asking. The worse he could do is say no. He said although K loves her fans, the paps were messing things up. She WOULD stop if they weren't around. We already knew this but it was nice to hear that it's the paps and not fans. Bodyguard said if we tried another time next week and we brought something to sign he could ask and see. We thanked him. Fast forward the following week... For some reason my friend had a good feeling. We arrived. NO. PAPS. NONE. It was too good to be true. When I am telling you that it was miracle no paps were around, IT WAS A FUCKIN MIRACLE FROM GOD Kristen did past by us on the sidewalk to/from set and her trailer. We didn't attempt to try and stop her cause obviously she was working. It was cool seeing her w/out the umbrella. We could have easily taken pics of her up close BUT we didn't. Not about that life. I think this paid off. Even one of the crew mentioned we had waited calmly and quietly. We weren't takin pics of set, etc. We made a point just to stay in a corner quietly out of the way, not bothering anyone. Eventually, K sprinted past us back to the trailer. For a moment I thought paps were around but it was because she was cold. Haha @RK_Believe and @SuperhobosRK said hi as she passed by. Kristen replied: 'hi guys!' Next thing I know the bodyguard walks back to us and says to get our cameras ready and to have anything she wanted to sign out and ready. Me: OMFG IS THIS REAL LIFE (in my head of course) Bodyguard said she would be out in ten min. We spent those ten mins telling each other not to cry and to stay calm. Ten min later, BG waves us over to her trailer. We start walking towards her and she is walking towards us and my mind went blank haha Kristen says hi to us and asks how we could stand the cold. Poor girl wasn't wearing a coat!! (and it was cold that day, like 28F) When I stood next to K I squatted down because I am TALL. she got on her tip toes a bit to put her arm around me!! DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY TIMES I HAVE SEEN FANPICS OF KRISTEN PUTTING HER ARM AROUNDS FANS AND I WAS MAD JEALOUS Do you guys know what made meeting Kristen even more fantastic? And you know what's funny? Even though I am screaming and fangirling on Twitter, it is the OPPOSITE of what I was doing when I saw her I was trying so hard to stay calm that I was pretty much a mute. I think I remember saying 'hi' and 'thank you' and that's it xD Thank you to the entire 'Still Alice' cast for stopping to take pics with fans. We all really appreciate it."

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