Monday, March 31, 2014

New Kristen's quotes in Her World Magazine (Singapore - April 2014 issue)

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The only perfumes Kstew ever wears.
Actress Kristen Stewart tells JACLYN GUNASILAN about her two favourite fragrances and the one item she can't leave home without.

She had no interest in perfumes before she was 22
"Up until I was about 21 or 22, I wasn't really interested in fragrances and never sought them out."

Her one makeup must-have: lip balm
"I don't get too attached to things, so I don't carry a lot of makeup around. But I feel iffy when I don't have lip balm on me."

Florabotanica was her first signature scent
"Florabotanica stood out for me because it smells organic, not synthetic. I wore it so frequently that I was starting to 'abuse it'. So I'm glad that I have the new Rosabotanica scent now to use as well. It's more of a night-time scent than Florabotanica - it's muskier."

Kristen says she would pair the new Rosabotanica perfume with a sophisticated all-black outfit, like the one on the left (The BDP1 London Premiere dress).

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