Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cannes Roundtable Interview #2 (Videos/Transcript)

"It happened to be the perfect project timing wise. Just coincidentally I think my, you know, just my experience with my career how it's gone, you know, "Twilight" blew up, I'm extremely famous. It's interesting for me to play an actresses' assistant who then comments on that world, and how it works and how superficial it can be."

"I don't do what I do to sort of like control perception or make people think a certain way about me. That would be traipsing all over the experience of making any film."

"It's just so ass-backwards to me. I don't know how people do that. I don't know how people tactfully traverse their careers. I don't know how they choose, 'Well, this is a different side of me people have not seen and so I will present that to them now.' It's like, 'Why are you doing this for other people? You should be doing it for yourself.' And so I've functioned from that position since I started, and therefore I really don't care about all that."

"It's not absent in the States, but it's not prevalent to feel free within the film industry, to feel like you can say what you want to say, not with any concern about like how people are going to react to it, whether you're going to piss them off or whether you're gonna move... you're trying to move yourself. If you're moved, then other people will be moved. So here, it seems like people are less afraid because again they're doing it for themselves. It's for the art of it. It's not to market things. It's just, it's a good feeling."

"You know, to make a movie is so ridiculous. We're going to go film each other pretending to be other people so other people can watch us pretending to be other people? It's insane. But if it's worth it and it's saying something like it can be... it can be transcendentally important."

(0:10) "It could be so easy to be enticed by people kind of wanting to step in and tell you how to do things and, 'Ooh, you should do this'. And people wanna make...especially in the States it's about money. People make movies. It's turned into such a product oriented business that it kinda sucks because if we're gonna make...the work that we make will not be as good because we're always concerned about the end result rather than being motivated by the desire to do it."

(0:53) "I want to make movies one day, like absolutely I want to direct movies. And I directed this music video and I was like, it's just this dinky little thing and it's fun, and I'm so happy to do it, but it's going to be a big deal, no matter what. Even if I shoot it on a Polaroid camera, people will be like, 'What did she do? Let's take a look.' It's like, 'How about you give me a second to figure it out?' So, yes, that's not something to complain about. It's incredible that I can do that. It's just kind of weird. It's different."

Reporter: "Do you Google yourself, do you Google your co-stars?"
"Yeah, I mean I like to know what's going on. It's a very different thing though. If you, like, it doesn't ever touch you. If you're asking it affects me, like why do I do it? Literally I'm somebody who is kind of a control freak. I'm like obsessively... like I want to be self aware. I don't want to walk in to a room and ever think that there's something that these people know or think and I don't know it. But, at the same time, it literally is as easy as turning around and it's not there any more, do you know what I mean? It's like it doesn't touch you. It never is actually able to affect me in anyway. But yeah, hell yeah, I know what's going on. Google everyone, totally. I want to know what people are doing."

Reporter: "What about yourself? Are you afraid of doing that?"
"No, not really. That's the thing. I don't sit obsessively Googling myself, but I really think it's awkward when actors sit and say 'oh no, no I've never done that.' It's like 'you don't want to know? You don't want to know what's going on?' So yeah of course. And also this movie would be much more... it would be irrelevant if I didn't. Of course I do. This is a huge commentary on that world itself, so yeah."