Wednesday, June 4, 2014

'Clouds of Sis Maria' Director Olivier Assayas talks about Kristen with Arte

Le réalisateur de 'Sils Maria' Olivier Assayas parle de Kristen avec Arte

Interview in French - Interview en français
- "I met her in the best possible conditions, not during auditions."
- "She quickly imposed a form of independence from American cinema, a freedom of movement, thinking, acting."
- He compares his collaboration with Kristen with the one he had with Maggie Cheung for Irma Vep: "A movie star with the virginity of a beginner." Because he asked her [Maggie] to do things she had never done before, nothing extravagant, but nobody ever asked her to do things like that. And with Kristen, he felt that too. "K is a superstar, she worked with the biggest directors, but after seeing her in real life I thought there're other things to do with her."
- Then nothing new, he met her through Charles etc.. :)