Thursday, August 7, 2014

Adorable fan encounter from the Chanel Fall-Winter 2014/15 Fashion Show

Thank you to @NevahChange "It has been a month since I met Kristen, but even now, it still feels like it happend yesterday.

First of all wanna apology for my bad english. Second my stepmom works in a fashion magazine (don´t think it's relevant to tell what magazine) and she takes me as her +1 for PFW shows because i love fashion. When she called me that day to tell that she actually had to cover the second show because her editor called sick, i felt kind of disappointed (LOL BUT TY MARC FOR BEING SICK)

Talked with Kristen like for 5 minutes (maybe even less, but it just felt short).

First of all she said "Hi, my name is Kristen" I was like: oh i know that, no introduction needed.
Then she asked me for what fashion magazine I worked or if i was a fashion blogger. She was little surprised to find out that i wasn´t either of those. She said it was random to met a fan of hers here. Also that it was cute that i has such a god relationship with my stepmother and that she has a great relationship with her father´s girlfriend too.

When I asked her about her hair she told me that she was complaining that morning about having to chop it for her next film when her hairdresser told her that, why not try to shock and also make ppl get used to her with short hair, by cutting it that morning. She thougth it was crazy but still agreed. She loved it. She feels free.

When i asked her if we should look after she continuing her partnership with Chanel. She said that if they want her to continue, she would love it. Also asked her about Nicholas/LV she said that she was happy for him and that he is an amazing designer that deserves all the goodies. And she would´t mind working with him again.

She was little nervous about working with Juliette. But they really get along well, just like with Julianne. When I asked her for future projects she told me that the next thing for her was Equals and that she also has more things but nothing she can talk about yet. That she would die to see our reactions when we find out about some of her "secret" projects.

Then they called her to go to change..... After a pic/hug and an autograph she was gone."