Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New 'Clouds of Sils Maria' On-set Interview (+ a review)

Nouvelle Interview sur le tournage de 'Sils Maria' (+ une critique)

(Kristen at 4:22 - Kristen à 4:22)

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  1. I am really sorry but I don't think this is a very good review, not even a good one. She does not agree with her colleagues who think it is a good movie, she thinks Juliette is more convincing in real life than in CoSM and kind of implies that Kristen would have a more promising future as a PA than as an actress. She only likes Chloe because she "says all her lines perfectly". (But who cares, she has Nietzsche with her at the studio ??? seriously?)

    Thank you for posting the video anyway and all your great work here! :)

    1. Hi!

      I really like the fact that she developed what she thinks & don't just say 'it is sooo good' or 'it is sooo bad'. For Juliette, it was to introduce her interview, she was not serious. And for Kristen it's the same, not to mention that Kristen herself said that too, you forgot the 'accomplished actress' just before. We need to have different sort of review.

      Thank you that's nice :)

  2. I like that this review gives a different view since, I haven't really seen the film, so its nice to get different perspectives. Though, I have to say that I don't agree with her on that pinching comment she made about Juliette's character not embracing the aging process and that Maria Enders shouldn't be facing any dilemma because she is not that old at 40 something. I don't think a woman in her 60/70s is going to be a bit panicky about getting old, women in their 60s have already resigned to that and are most probably comfortable...Its the women in their 40s who I think are the most susceptible to be scared of aging because its a new territory for them, and I don't mean that in a vain way..I mean it in a way that, as an actress Maria Enders is starting to get offers to play completely different kinds of roles than what she is used to. Roles for older women in movies are very rare and lead roles are even rarer. And she is just stepping into the domain of being an 'older woman', she is new to it, ofcourse she is going to be a bit confused and troubled. The reviewer basically makes fun of the character for behaving in a human & flawed manner and not like the perfect "strong feminist" who never doubts herself and is above all 'trivial' human problems. She was a bit condescending, which she has the right to be but the review wasn't really insightful at all, she simply glazed over all the apparent basic parts of the movie without digging any deeper or giving it any actual thought.

  3. It seems like she doesn't like french cinema, the "very french" didn't sound as a positive think. How can she not undestand Maria's reaction? People are different, each person can react to a situation in a total different way, and we all know how tricky for women to face growing old, especially for actresses, it's pretty reasoanable how Maria doesn't accept it and how being offerred to play the mature woman makes her face she is not young anymore and all her life and career (considered it's the same play that gave her the breakout role). It's weird how a professional critic isn't able to see that, like it's something personal against the movie somehow (maybe for being "too french" in her eyes).
    And it felt weird how she said Juliette is more convincing in real life and still she didn't articulate the reason for that (maybe she doesn't have arguments to support it), for Kristen it didn't make me feel weird, it was more like "if she doesn't want to be an actress anymore she could be a PA", in other hand she didn't comment on her performance, maybe she is one of those stuck in the twilight prejudice who don't want to recognize her talent that much.


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