Thursday, October 23, 2014

'Still Alice' one-week release in New York & Los Angeles will be on December 5

'Still Alice' in this week's Entertainment Weekly
with a release date of December 5 for the one-week release in New York & Los Angeles.

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UPD: September 26, 2014

'Still Alice' will hit U.S. theaters one week in NY and LA, then go wide on January 16, 2015

TheWrap - Sony Pictures Classic will put the film in theaters for one week in NY and LA, then go wide in January.

Sony Pictures Classic is making sure that Julianne Moore gets that shot at finally nabbing an Oscar.

SPC will release “Still Alice,” in theaters in New York and Los Angeles for a week in December. The distributor will then give the film a more normal release on January 16.

Yeah yeah yeah, that's what I expected & wanted in the first place! *happy dance*


U.S distributor Sony Pictures Classics has added on its website the new release date.

(random note: one year after we discovered the project.)

Tweet from producer Maria Shriver

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