Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Juliette Binoche talks about Kristen with IndieWire

IndieWire: Q: You were recently on the cover of Interview Magazine with Kristen Stewart, and the basic gist of the article was that you're still a sex symbol at 50. What's that like?

I'm not really aware of it, and I think it's better not to be aware of it. I didn't read it because it was in Russian, or German. How did you read it? Did you ask someone to translate it?

Q: The internet takes care of things like that. They were quick with that one.

[Laughs] Really? The internet. [Shakes head] (the internet aka some awesome fans ^^)

Q: In "Clouds of Sils Maria," you play an aging actress who sort of gets threatened by a younger actress. I'm assuming you aren't actually threatened by Kristen Stewart or Chloe Moretz. Did you take on a mentor or teaching role during filming?

It's interesting, because I read in an interview -- and I don't really read interviews -- that Olivier said that there were moments when I was showing up Kristen, showing her how to act. For me it's never been like that. Sometimes I push her, because I know her potential. When you see that, it's very exciting as an actor to go and push someone. I think deep down I would like to teach one day. It's about mothering, about giving birth, a midwife kind of situation, and there's something very rewarding in a very hidden place. When you see somebody transforming and growing, it's such a reward because it gives hope to everybody. With Kristen, in the films she's done, I don't think she ever really experienced how amazing she is. Actually, when I saw her in interviews, the way she listens and the way she answers, I said, "This is a great actress." Just the way of receiving and giving back. I think she has an amazing career in front of her, and she's gonna surprise us.