Saturday, October 18, 2014

NEW/old picture of Kristen on the 'Camp X-Ray' set (2013)

with actor Anoop Simon
image host
Anoop on his Facebook page:
"Hey #TeamAnoop I'm happy that i am getting private messages and praise all day today, since fans have been getting a chance to watch "CampXray". As one of the only real Military Iraqi War Veteran who was an actor in this film, I am proud with what Dir.Peter Sattler accomplished. Especially with the respect and honor that Kristen has for our Armed forces and the rest of the cast. Peyman's performance was amazing as well... The movie is not to sympathize with the terrorists but for the innocent who were wrongly accused and labeled as such. Heck i served my nation and fought the fight to bring the bad guys to justice so out of all, I know that there is evil and then there are those who are wrongly labeled. Definitely watch it, research the topic, and see the message that we were trying to portray. It is playing in select theaters and is on Video on Demand, so check with your local cable providers for showtimes ... I am so blessed that i got chance to work with the amazing cast and crew, all of who became colleagues and friends now." :)