Saturday, October 4, 2014

'Still Alice' Academy Screenings in San Francisco

Three screenings on October 30, November 17 & December 2
at 7:00pm PT
(10pm ET/ 4am CET)
Dolby Laboratories,
100 Potrero Avenue,
San Francisco

"Award Season is generally from September to February, and many film studios hold screenings of -- or release -- their award-worthy films during these months.

Screenings are usually held in screening rooms, but occasionally in movie theaters. They are free to attend, and most are open to members of the entertainment guilds (including those of us in SAG-AFTRA). The screenings that will be held for the next few months are for movies with a release date of 2014, so some were released months ago -- but some are currently in theaters, and some have yet to be released to the general public."

These screenings aren't open to public, here's all the info: NorCal Actors