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NEW Kristen's Interview with ScreenSlam at the 'Still Alice' AFI Fest Screening added (November 12, 2014)

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AP Interview (Kristen at 3:18)

Kristen: "Some actors and actresses navigate with their senses on all the time. They're completely full of feeling and they're really visceral and they're in the moment. And then there are some who are logically careful with their approach. They think it all through and they come in with all of this preparation. The best people are the ones that can take both and like a deck of cards, just go (makes card-shuffling sound) and not let you see one from the other. And she [Julianne Moore] is just so completely in tune with herself, and so brilliantly smart, and so in charge of her own destiny. This movie was made so she could do the job that she did. She did so much work and so much research, and it is in her bones. And she's just incredible. So's smart and also lovely. Yeah, she's just great."

E!News (+ Julianne Moore talks about Kristen ♥)

AFI Interview (+ Julianne mentions Kristen)

Intheframe video of Kristen & Julianne being interviewed

US Weekly

But while we were enamored by her style, Stewart was busy gushing over her own girl crush: her costar Julianne Moore. "It was a blessing [that Moore joined Still Alice]. We couldn't imagine anyone else doing this role," Stewart told Us at the event. "It was just a complete pleasure every day to work with Julie."

And no wonder: Moore, 53, is already receiving Oscar buzz for her role in the indie film, about a woman with early-onset Alzheimer's disease. "Because of [Moore's] intense preparations and commitment to the role, we saw this incredible performance unfolding," Stewart shared. "Everyone on set could feel it—the other actors knew it, the crew knew it, the guys driving the grip trucks knew it. There was something special going on."

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Kristen's answer at 0:22 ♥

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