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Julianne Moore talks about Kristen & the rehearsals for 'Still Alice'

'Still Alice' Academy Members post-screening Q&A with producer Pamela Koffler on Dec 4

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"I know what this is like, I have a mom" looool so true

Interviews from the 'Still Alice' L.A. press junket on Dec 7 & 8

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With Indiewire
Q: I'm guessing you didn't shoot this chronologically.

J: No. [laughs] No way. Like with every movie you shoot by location, in this instance Kristen [Stewart] and I shot the last scene of the movie of the ninth day, because that was in the interior of the house. So we kind of had to shoot that before we got anywhere near the end. So it's challenging, definitely.

Q: About the way you work, I interviewed Kristen Stewart yesterday, who I think is so tremendous in this film. She spoke of how she kind of works in a similar way to you, and how she was happy to learn that. Did you two really bond on set, and how did she — as a young actress — surprise you?

J: You know, I'm not surprised by Kristen at all. And people keep asking me that question, but they don't know that I've known Kristen since she was 12 years old. [Laughs] So she made a movie with my husband when she was 12, and I can remember when he was casting it, and he’s like: "This is the girl I want to work with. This girl is extraordinary. She is going to be a huge star, she's a major talent." So there was never any question in my mind that Kristen wouldn't — I always knew how special she was. What was a pleasure for me, working with her, is to witness somebody that’s got that enormous reserve of emotion at their fingertips. It's just right there. She has a tremendous amount of feeling. It was a joy to sit there and watch her access it. There were times when I was working with her — when I could see her, her face would flush. I'd see the feeling in her eyes. I also — you know she's only 24 years old, and she's a young person. But she has a remarkable degree of maturity and compassion. So watching her in those scenes — we're kind of talking about how we both have a dual focus when we work. I'm able to be in, it, hopefully, but also kind of watch it at the same time. I remember watching her in the scene where she's on the computer and registering what I'm doing, and I was just stunned by the amount of compassion in her performance. I thought it was really, really beautiful.

Q: Jennifer Lawrence, who you recently worked with, also shares that quality. Both actresses made their names via big film franchises. You came up through the ranks in a very different way. How do you think you would've handled the spotlight at such a young age?

J: When I first started out, I started out in daytime television. Which is a whole other thing. So you were able to really develop without people watching your every move. I don't really know how I would've been. I think these two are remarkable. They're remarkable in their intelligence, their talent and their poise. And their choices. I think they've both made really, really compelling choices. And I think they have an awareness of what these big movies have given them. But they also have their eye on longevity, and a real desire to be actors. Even though they're both these mega-stars, they're both very much interested. And they value the work. I'm tremendously impressed with both of them.

Julianne is always so cute when she says she knows Kristen since she was 12 years old!

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