Friday, December 19, 2014

'Still Alice' co-director Wash Westmorland mentions Kristen in a new interview

Dallas Voice: What was the atmosphere like on set?

Wash Westmoreland: It was cold! The house we were in didn’t have any heating, so in between takes we were all putting on coats and drinking warm broth. But as far as how everyone got on, it was very warm. Alec and Julianne are old friends. The scenes were so heavy, you needed, in between, to have some kind of break. Kristen is a wonderful, down to earth person to work with and you almost forget there are 50 paparazzi camped outside for her. The whole crew bonded. Seeing Richard on set every day typing with one finger, determined to be part of this enterprise, sort of brought this special feeling to the set. Also the fact Julianne was giving such a magnificent performance just radiated out, so even the guys on the grip truck outside knew something important was happening on this film.