Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Videos & Interviews from the 'Still Alice' New York Screening (January 13, 2015)

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Access Hollywood

AP (You can see & hear Kristen being interviewed by ET)

(2:36) Kristen: "It's difficult to look at things that instill such a fundamental fear and it's such a common fear that we all have. It's just a part of being alive. So I think to see somebody take it in stride and see every bit of vulnerability and see somebody sort of come out the other side of it, knowing that they squeezed out every last drop of life before they sort of like were done and didn't decide to just throw in the towel. That is extremely uplifting. It's not the easiest movie to watch but it's funny. It's like people, when they're having the hardest times they have to laugh at things. It's like you find the light in the darkest situations. It's like the tiniest shred of light is very bright."

(3:32) Kristen on Julianne winning the Golden Globe Award: "I'm so insanely, immensely proud of her. I care for her in such a very real way and like people might think that actors can just have that with anyone. When people really affect you and you're watching something in a film and you're feeling that energy and it's so contagious I can almost guarantee you that they're not lying and they're not faking it. It's like those moments are what we live for and so I'm so proud of her I can't even tell you. She's an incredible, incredible woman."

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