Monday, January 26, 2015

UPD: Winner of the second giveaway - Just a little message, with some Kristen goodies & giveaways!

UPD: The winner of the second giveaway is: Stephanie Arian! Congrats, and thank you all for participating! :))

January 17

Hi guys,

To you,

to you reading this post right now,

Lool no really, I have all the rights right now because today is my special day!

Yeah yeah,

it's our seventh anniversary!

Crazy huh?

And this is my first real post in this seventh year!

And yeah for me it's something like,


THANK YOU again, yes

For your so sweet messages and tweets, but also for your support throughout the years, for coming back multiple times a day to check what Kristen is up to, for everything. If there was a way I could hug each and every one of you, I would, sincerely!

And to this human being,


All joking aside,


A part of my life, of our lives, for so long! And I'm just so so proud of her, so proud to be her fan.

As she said "you don’t need to work on it to feel it, you don't need to work on it to feel somehow involved."

So I just want to say thank you, for taking my breath away with every project, moving me more and more each time by her authenticity and this feeling that she's never lie to us. ♥

Just thank you so much and



In order to properly celebrate this anniversary, here's a new giveaway.

Actually, two!

Isn't it great??

I agree with you, not as great as this,

but note that each winner will be able to make his own fun prize pack by selecting two items from the list below!


ELLE US (June 2012)
Entertainment Weekly (August 16/26, 2011)
Glamour USA (November 2011)
Glamour UK (December 2011)
Glamour France (December 2011)
Glamour Russia (November 2011)
Glamour Germany (December 2011)
Glamour Spain (December 2011)
GQ UK (November 2011), or V Magazine (Spring Preview 2013), or Marie Claire USA (March 2014) or W Magazine (September 2011) or ELLE UK (June 2012) or GQ UK (November 2011)
Gala Croisette special Cannes from May 24, 2014 with Kristen in cover (+ issues from May 23 & 24, 2012)
• 'Breaking Dawn Part 2' 8 piece magnet set
DVD or Blu-ray of 'The Cake Eaters' (region 2)
DVD of 'Speak' (region 2)
Big big poster + stickers of 'Eclipse'

• Giveaways are worldwide
• You can enter both giveaways
• There will be two winners
• UPD: The winner of the Twitter giveaway is @lizzybennet6! Congrats again! :)
• UPD: The winner of the second giveaway is Stephanie Arian! Congrats again & thank you all for participating! :))

And sorry for my gifs spamming,

And yes now you can be like,


and me like,

I think I talked too much, I'm super thirsty right now