Sunday, February 22, 2015

Kristen's dad John Stewart talks about her César win with French TV & People Magazine

With France 2

John was interviewed by French TV channel France 2 about the Oscars final preparations and they talked about Kristen. :)
Translation below.

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"On the red carpet, it's time for the final rehearsals. At Fox, one of the three most viewed channels in the USA. The boss is called John Stewart. You don't know him, but actually yes, he is the father of Kristen Stewart! The actress who has just been awarded in Paris. And the daddy is quite proud to welcome her daughter tonight. "I found out last night, I was in rehearsals. I got her on the phone and she told me that she will be back tonight. I could not be more happy for her."

IC by tonight, he didn't meant that she will be at the Oscars, Kristen confirmed for the second time last night that she won't be attending - he meant back at home, in Los Angeles. This interview was probably shot yesterday. :)

With People Magazine

"I am so proud, just I could not even tell you. I was proud when she got the nomination, but I was just floored when I was standing right on this very stage rehearsing and had about 100 people come and tell me that she won."

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