Friday, May 8, 2015

NEW 'Still Alice' Featurette - 'Finding Alice'

NEW featurette - 'Finding Alice'
Including more from Kristen's on-set interview
(she mentions her preparation for the role with her caregiver advisor Dylan Cooke)

Official Facebook Page: "Still Alice arrives on Blu-ray Tuesday with bonus features including deleted scenes and three in-depth featurettes including a look at Richard Glatzer & Wash Westmoreland’s unique journey to create this moving film."
(IC, links to pre-order the DVD/Blu-ray on the right column of the site)

This featurette is life-changing, this movie IS life-changing.. ♥
Sandy Oltz, what a warrior!
Richard & Wash ♥

Lydia & John's scene always kills me.. "You're a better man than I am." ♥

Thanks so much to gretababy1 for sending it to me. ♥

Kristen's On-set Interview

Part 1 - She talks about Alice's daughters, Anna & Lydia, her character.

Part 2 - She talks about why she wanted to be part of this movie.

Julianne Moore's 'Still Alice' On-set Interview - She talks working with Kristen

German Trailer with NEW footage

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