Sunday, April 19, 2015

Director Tim Blake Nelson talks about 'Anesthesia' & casting Kristen with Indiewire & Deadline (+ Press kit & Fist clip from the movie - no kristen)

* Click HERE to see/download the Press Kit *

First clip of the movie - with Sam Waterston & Glenn Close as Walter & Marcia Zarrow

Indiewire: What's your film about in 140 characters or less?

A disparate group of New Yorkers coalesces around the mugging of a Columbia professor on the eve of his retirement.

Now what's it REALLY about?

How each of us finds some way to anesthetize him or herself in a society plagued by callous and often blameless self-interest, and whether there's room any more for real introspection.

Biggest challenge in completing this film?

Shooting on location in New York City, often at night, for very little money, and with scant resources.

What do you want the Tribeca audience to take away from your film?

We would love for them to leave the theater seeing the city of New York and their fellow New Yorkers in a slightly different light.

What cameras did you shoot on?


Did you crowdfund? If so, via what platform. If not, why?

We did not crowd fund. We found private equity based on script and cast.

Deadline: Casting is also a painless process for Nelson, thanks to the actors, as well as their reps, that he has gotten to know over the years. Not to mention, Nelson isn’t above cold-calling a manager or two to get who he wants. His golden rule is “I don’t go out with a script unless I know the roles are going to appeal to the sorts of actors that will attract financing.” When it came to landing Twilight actress Stewart in his film, “it wasn’t challenging at all. I just texted her and sent her the script. She read it and texted me back ‘Yes'”, says Nelson who is an acquaintance of Stewart’s. The cast for Anesthesia was assembled in two and half months, with casting director Avy Kaufman leading the charge, particularly with the younger actors. Nelson didn’t know Waterson, rather met him over lunch after being pursued by the actor’s manager Keith Addis.