Saturday, July 25, 2015

NEW quotes in GQ US's August 2015 issue: 'Get Lit Watching Kristen Stewart's Favorite Stoner Comedies'


Kristen Stewart will have you know that it’s really hard to play a high person if you’re not high. “There’s a slack in the face that you can’t fake.” Stewart explains. She got a lot of practice this year, playing a lovable deadbeat alongside Jesse Eisenberg in ‘American Ultra’. Don’t call it just another stoner flick, says Stewart. It’s a comedy/action movie – with stoners. “Jesse is a sleeper-cell ninja agent,” says Stewart, “who is constantly high, but who takes down six people with a spoon.” Perhaps ‘Ultra’ transcends the stoner canon, but Stewart has nothing against classics. Here, her favorites:

Half Baked

"I was super into watching stoner movies when I was too young—Half Baked, the classics. I was a little aspiring stoner."

Up in Smoke

"I think Cheech & Chong are definitely smoking real weed in that movie. It is actually, really, truly about smoking pot."

This is the End

"It's not, like, universally loved, but I really thought it
 was fucking hilarious. I like all those actors, and they're letting
it all out, and it's really a trip."

Smiley Face

"It's a really good stoner movie that Anna Faris did.
 She's so hilarious. She plays this, like, imbecile—this really, really dumb stoner girl—and it's just a day in her life."

Super Troopers

"I really love Super Troopers. I snuck into that movie as a kid and got kicked out and had to wait to see it later."

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