Sunday, September 13, 2015

NEW Kristen, Nicholas & Drake's Interview & Portrait at the People/InStyle/Entertainment Weekly's Lounge

Photographed by Jens Langkjaer


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"It’s against all odds, like a Romeo and Juliet-esque love story," said Stewart. "But it's also about awakening, and the ebb and flow of relating to someone."

“You go through something a little bit too hard, and the first instinct is always like, I hate this, I don’t want this, if I could just not feel this,” Stewart said at the PEOPLE, InStyle and Entertainment Weekly photo studio at the Toronto International Film Festival. “So it’s a movie about these people living in a collective, and we’re very concerned about the progressive nature of our ‘culture,’ even though we lack culture completely. We have stifled every emotion, anything to do with anger, fear. We’re completely neutralized. So it definitely begs the question: Would you even get out of bed? Would you exist anymore? Probably not. I think the only way to be truly progressive and to truly move forward is to not ignore your heart and your feelings.”

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