Monday, December 28, 2015

Kristen's 'Awards Chatter' podcast with The Hollywood Reporter's Scott Feinberg is here!

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"She's tiny but huge" killed me. I've always loved audio interviews AND everything with Scott & Kristen so, well.. we have a very very good podcast guys! You need to listen it. Go! :)

Some quotes:

Good news - Scott confirmed that Kristen will attend the NYFCC Awards ceremony in NYC on January 4 !

"I'm madly in love with what I do. I'm a crazy person." ♥

Lol she's so dedicated & cute - when he asks her if she's able when filming a hard movie like 'Camp X-Ray', to turn it off when she's at home and she answered that she's "fairly good at living in the moment and completely erase" but at the same time, for example with 'Personal Shopper' she was "so a crazy person, so obsessively.. there was nothing else in my world, like existing at that time. And now coming back into my reality, I can see that I just literally.. I was gone. I was a goner, for a long time. Which is amazing and what I want." :)

"I have a strong.. really, really, really strong desire to direct something"
She has so many ideas.. go go Kristen! "I love movies that really focus on like the moments in between the moments you get used to watching in films. And I think to way to serve that would probably be to do something really freeform.. I think I would be pretty fucking good at getting people together and making sure we're all on the same exact line and just.. letting people know they can just go for further, further and further. I KNOW I can do that."

Scott: "I think Tilda Swinton seems to be a big fan of yours" Kristen: "She's so cool, she's incredible."

She's so honest - loved her answer about doing indie & blockbusters! Indie because you're a smaller team, blockbuster because obviously you get more money & can do more things.

"It really oriented my approach of being an actress. Moved me in a way that felt really beyond anything I knew it could be." About Speak ♥

"I feel like people that really mater, are still present" ♥ About still being in touch & leaving people when ending filming a movie

"I trust myself a little more.. now it's getting more fun" about being nervous when she was younger, wanting to do a scene again etc.

Kristen's advice to Star Wars's Daisy Ripley: "It's literally mainly, focus on what makes you happy" :)

"It was more deeper than I first thought, it has more layers." About 'Clouds of Sils Maria'

"I'm sure it would be so distracting" about having a public Twitter or IG. #true

"I've played a lot of characters that don't speak a lot, espacially at that point I think I was really ready to start talking.."

About the Woody Allen movie: "It's a trip, it's a whole.. it's a Woody Allen production. And it's such an easy process.. you know whatever happens by the end of the day it's gonna be in the movie."

How about Kristen calling Woody Allen dude? Lol.

Scott: "I tweeted 'Kristen Stewart likes apples' because I knew what was going to happen" choose to think it's a compliment, we're supportive ;)


Look at her hair.. passionate interview! So cute! :)

"'Awards Chatter' is a weekly podcast, moderated by THR awards analyst Scott Feinberg, featuring musings about the Oscar, Emmy and Tony races, as well as in-depth interviews with top contenders for those prizes."

Always loved everything with Kristen & Scott, so definitely can not wait! :)