Saturday, December 5, 2015

Time for a new layout!

Hi guys!!

I wanted to wait towards the end of the filming before posting anything about my time on 'Personal Shopper' set last October in Paris - you know it was my dream as a fan to see her act, and guys I've been dying to tell you how special it was! :)

Olivier Assayas first, he was very funny because extremely quiet. I can count the words he said on the fingers of one hand. But as soon as he was satisfied with one of the scenes, he jumped towards actors to warmly congratulate them! As for Lars, he was one big charismatic actor and his scenes were.. tumultuous, be ready to be surprised! :)

Kristen told a friend & I that "it's going to be hard". And if she hadn't told us that I would totally have freaked out because there were times before takes when she looked so unhappy - having this look on her face, running her hand through her hair a looooot, when the stage manager yelled action, walking with a determined & TORTURED look on her face.. Maureen is having a very bad time, want to hug her just thinking about it. Paradoxally just right after cuts, Kristen was laughing, talking with crew, smiling at us. She got us! We all know how talented the girl is.

I'm not good at fan encounters - at all, but I just want to share with you that it really gives a different perspective to see in real that for just a few seconds of a movie you have to do again and again a scene because people cross the street, because you have to break down a door but it won't open, because you need different angles etc.. until the very end of the day. You must be so passionate, believe so much in the story & characters! We all know it, it is a fact that movies need a lot, but seeing it in real life.. I have so much more respect for Kristen, for them now.

I can not wait to watch 'Personal Shopper', I really want to discover Maureen's story & the fantastic part of the movie. :)

I've seen Kristen like two hours after landing in Paris on the second day of filming, and she was as always, adorable - coming to us, giving hand check & asking how we were doing.. stopping to say hi every day, crossing the street.. The picture is from the end of the week. The middle finger was an evidence! ;)

About her time in Paris, with a friend we talked with Kristen's friend & personal assistant on this set, Suzie, she was nice, taking time.. She told us that Kristen was having a good time in Paris, asked us many questions about our lives, and how it was for us to be on the set. We all agreed that it was special to see her act in real life.

So, that's it! :)

I have pictures & videos but they are quite spoilery so I'll wait the release of the movie to post them.

PS: About the hot guys you all talked about on Twitter, his name is Hugo Le Gourrierec, he is the third assistant director & took I think, good care of Kristen, even thanking us for waiting the end of the week to ask for a picture. And HE KNOWS that you all think he is hot hahaha!

- Xx ♥