Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Tim Blake Nelson & Sam Waterston talk about 'Anesthesia' and mention Kristen

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Tim Blake Nelson is the writer, director, producer and co-star of the new film “Anesthesia,” which following a successful run on the film festival circuit opens in theaters and on demand this Friday. We discussed the general theme of the film, what it’s like to be involved in every aspect of a film’s production, and the message Tim hopes we’ll take away from the movie. Tim also talked about the strong cast, especially Kristen Stewart, whom he calls a “fantastic actor” who has a “Jodie Foster-like career ahead of her.”




"Well I knew Kristen a little bit. We met about another script that she had wanted to do of mine (probably 'Seasons of Dust') and I had to put that on hold for a bit because the finance fell through and then I wrote this [Anesthesia] and then I thought this was a great role for Kristen so I texted her and called her agent as well and within 4 days she had said yes. And she wrote this really funny, long text in Kristenese that just described who and what the character was beautifully.

Just a few words about Kristen. She's the real deal. This is a blue collar actress. She so divides the public, because she has certainly her fans but then those who think the Twilight series is who and what she is, and abominate that and therefore abominate her because of her association with it. They've just got it all wrong. Her family, she comes from a crew background. She puts on no heirs. She's unashamedly who and what she is and she works her tail off. She's an incredibly responsive performer in terms of direction without ever losing her own sense of who and what she is, there's always dignity there and she gives off know attitude. There's no obsession with perks none of that. She's just the real thing. I'm telling you she will become a Jodi Foster one day."